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We are a professional and qualified health and safety training provider who offer extensive occupational hygiene and occupational health and safety services to the UK and Ireland.

We have over 10 years of health and safety training for businesses in a wide range of industries. Our health and safety training aims to ensure the future health of employees and reduce any growing absences.

Health and Safety Training

We can tailor your health and safety training to suit your specific requirements and needs.

Our health and safety training courses include areas such as assessor's training courses, drugs and alcohol in the workplace, accident reporting and noise regulations.

DSE Training

We provide DSE training for both DSE assessments and DSE assessor to enable customers to comply with the DSE regulations.

DSE training and regulations, put forward in 1990, identify VDU users and specify the need for assessment and training and, if necessary, eye sight tests.

Local Exhaust Ventilation Testing

We offer training for local exhaust ventilation testing. COSHH guidelines specify local exhaust ventilations should be tested every 14 months.

The local exhaust ventilation testing training will cover the practical and theory elements of performing tests and assessments. Training is offered both in house and in a public course format.

We undertake both part 1 and 2 LEV examination and testing of all systems. We provide guidance on the principles and good practice of design, installation, commissioning, and testing cost-effective ventilation controls.

Vibration Awareness and Assessment

We offer vibration awareness and assessment training. The Physical Agents directive, drawn up in 2005, was the first legislation to specify vibration safety in the UK.

We provide comprehensive training for vibration awareness and assessment and help to raise issues surrounding the injuries and diseases caused by vibration in the workplace.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the foundation of health and safety in the workplace. Knowing that your employees have the correct and current knowledge, training and competence will dramatically reduce lost time and risk potentials in your organisation.

We undertake risk assessment on behalf of your customer and provide risk assessors training to allow customers to do their own risk assessment in the future.

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