Ocme UK Ltd


Ocme UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Ocme Srl of Parma, Italy.

The company specialises in the manufacture of end-of-line packaging and palletising equipment for many different industries, including beverage, food, personal care, detergents, paper, oil and chemicals.

The product range includes palletisers (both conventional and robotic), depalletisers, shrinkwrap packers, wraparound case packers, tray packers, filling machines (volumetric, level, counter-pressure and nett weigh types), conveyor systems, automatic laser guided vehicles (LGVs).

For certain products, such as beverages, liquid foodstuffs, oils and detergents, Ocme can supply the complete turn-key line.

Since their formation in 1954, Ocme has supplied more than 10,000 machines around the world.

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