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Here at Octopos, we are specialist POS manufacturers who provide exciting and effective Marketing-at-Retail solutions to an assortment of brand and retail clients. As POS manufactures, we produce basic promotional displays through to complete Shop-in-Shop systems and innovative interactive one-off items. 

We manufacture POS displays to achieve remarkable success for our clients. We focused mostly on Point-of-Sale to produce fantastic displays and merchandising solutions. We are also experienced in product design and embellishment, brand design, packaging, and promotional support literature.

POP Manufacturers

Design and manufacture of Point of Purchase (POP) for retail - from concept idea through to delivery and installation of displays in-store. All types of POP covered, from cardboard display units through to permanent fixtures and shop-in-shop solutions.

Bespoke Display Design -  Close analysis of our clients in-store challenges enable us to design bespoke display solutions which are focused on achieving their objectives. Our solutions generate substantial product sales uplifts time after time, much to the delight of our clients.

Temporary Display Units - Design and development of temporary display units for retail - including card or foamex FSDUs, counter top units, shelf wobblers, etc


Suunto Information Centres POS Display

Type: Free-standing tradeshow & retail POS displays

Objective: Design and manufacture premium, free-standing displays incorporating a locking, showcase, rear locking storage case, and one of three communication devices: a binder, an LCD MP4 player, or a touch-screen. The display had to be portable, updateable, robust, and easy to construct and take apart for re-siting.

Results: A trial is being run in 2010 with full-scale production rolling out in 2011.

Goody - Superdrug Bay POP Display

Type: Aisle sited fixture POP Display

Objective: Design a high quality bay to fit within Superdrug's existing store fixtures. It was essential to harmonise the Goody & Superdrug brand identities. It was critical to increase the wareness of the Goody brand and products whilst considering the retailers' needs, and the need to connect with shoppers.

Comet Companion Bay POS Display

Type: In-line-shelf POS displays

Objective: Design, produce and deliver high quality shelf bays to fit within Comet's existing store fixtures, whilst retaining the Bose brand identity

Results: 100 Comet stores are due to received the display system.

Karndean 'Oak Royale' P.O.S. Display

Type: Flat-pack Floor POS Display

Objective: Inspired by our Limestone displays we were asked produce and implement similar premium floor displays for the new Oak Royale range.

Results: Over 1000 units distributed throughout 2009 throughout UK & Europe.

Wilson Staff Shop-in-Shop POP Display

Type: Shop-in-Shop POP displays

Objective: Design, produce and install a high quality, flexible slatwall system for use in independent golf pro-shops and multiple retailers throughout the UK and Europe

Results: The trial proved so successful that a full display program rolled out in Q1 2009 throughout 11 European countries, with the program continuing in 2010.

Leapfrog Airport Play Area POP Display

Type: Interactive displays / POP Displays

Objective: Design, produce and install a multi-product, multi-format display area within Manchester Airport to act as a destination zone for children within the main foodhall. Product interaction had to be achieved across three formats.

Results: The retailer and client are delighted with how the display has transformed the area.

Skycaddie Hero POS Display

Type: Counter-top & shelf POS displays

Objective: Create and manufacture a budget display to hold 2 dummy handsets, boldly communicate the range through high-impact graphics, and support the permanent displays already sited throughout the UK. The unit had to be cheap and simple to increase market penetration and visibility whilst still maintaining the leading position.

Results: 100 displays were delivered together with 1000 promotional counter displays that did not hold handsets. The 2010/11 version will be suitable for counter, shelf and slatwall siting.

Monitor Audio 2009 POS Display

Type: Permanent free-standing & wall-mounted units POS Display

Objective: Create and manufacture high quality displays to showcase a selection of Radius HD Speakers within multiple and independent retailers.

Results: Select store trial to determine final desired quantities.

Novation Keyboard POP Displays

Type: Freestanding Demo Units POP display

Objective: Design attractive and cost-effective floor displays to merchandise three keyboards for in-store demonstration. Each keyboard is hard-wired into a splitter that drives two speakers, allowing each to be heard seamlessly without the need for isolation switches. Delivered fully assembled and pre-wired, the display can be running in less than 30 minutes of reaching store.

Karndean 'Limestone' P.O.S. Display

Type: Flat-pack Floor POS Display

Objective: Design, produce and implement new premium floor displays. The unit required; a minimal footprint, be flat-pack for low cost distribution, easy assembly, large updateable graphics.

Results: Over 1250 units distributed to date (12/2008) throughout UK & Europe. In terms of visibility, practicality and sales performance, Karndean regard it as their most successful display solution.

Skycaddie 2008 & 2009 POS Display

Type: Counter & showcase POS displays

Objective: Create and manufacture premium, rotating counter displays and locking, glass-door showcase cabinets. Initially to support Skycaddie's UK launch, the displays had to be durable and flexible to last several years.

Results: An initial 450 displays were delivered to an enthusiastic reception from retailers and customers alike. The product range has out-performed the market and become the standout leader, and Skycaddie have just placed their forth order.

Samsung MP3 POS Display

Type: Shelf/window/counter POS display

Objective: Design a simple, low-cost yet visually interesting display suitable for shelf, window and counter-top locations, that creatively displays an MP3 player within UK retailers. The display must communicate the ATL campaign, clearly show the range of colours and display the product within a small footprint.

Wilson DX2 2008-09 Cube Unit & DX2&3 2010 POS Display

Type: Temporary free-standing units POS displays

Objective: Create, manufacture and deliver a high quality card display to merchandise 24 x dozen golfball packs for UK and European golf pro-shops and multiple retailers.

Results: In 2008/9 over 600 units delivered within UK, Spain, France and Germany, generating in some outlets - a massive 300% sales increase, prompting the MD of American Golf to say they were "The most effective display we've seen"

In 2010 a similar quantity of the upgraded twin-product version was delivered throughout Europe.

Stuburt 2007 Point of Sale Campaign

Type: FSDUs / Slat Wall / Shelves point of sale displays

Objective: Create and produce a new, stylish suite of retail displays that would move the Stuburt brand forward.

Results: The modular, flat pack design greatly reduced production and distribution costs, whilst the updateable graphics provided improved flexibility. The suite helped increase sales through higher distribution and improved in-store presence.

Vox Clever Info POS Display

Type: Video Player Info Display

Objective: Design and produce a high quality and attractive information display for use in locations where Vox Clever's IT solutions are installed, to communicate through video media the IT services available to the user.

Results: The units proved very successful with several of Vox Clever's customers expressing interest in similar displays.

Wilson Demo Club Panels POS Display

Type: Temporary POS

Objective: Design, produce and deliver a range of header panels for use in golf bags to entice shoppers to demo the clubs. Distributed to independent golf pro-shops and multiple retailers throughout the UK and Europe

Results: The first version for the Di9 proved so successful that three other versions were created for other ranges.

Leapfrog 'TAG' shelf trays POP Display

Type: Interlocking shelf point of purchase displays

Objective: Design, produce and deliver a modular shelf display to fit within independent and multiple retail store fixtures, whilst providing clear and strong brand identity.

RAW International Wall Kits POP Display

Type: Shelf cladding kits POP displays

Objective: Design a low-cost cladding kit to brand and merchandise the Screen-mount category across European retailers. The kit must cost no more than £100 per store (3 bays) but not be compromised on quality or visual appeal. The solution needs to be completely flexible, updateable and easy to install and navigate.

Goody - Morrison's Bay POP Display

Type: Fixture sited bay point of purchase display

Objective: Design a high quality bay to fit within Morrison's existing store fixtures, whilst retaining the Goody brand identity. It was essential to increase the awareness of the Goody brand, whilst considering the retailers' needs, and the need to connect with the shopper.

Scalextric Merchandising Material POS Display

Type: Display suite POS display

Objective: Design a low-cost, fun but functional suite of displays suitable for various locations, that effectively and creatively merchandises the Scalextric Starter Kits and accessories within UK retailers. The stockholding displays must be flat-packed, easy to assemble and merchandise, whilst the glorifiers must be visually interesting and fun.

Samsung MP3 Display

Type: Shelf/window/counter POS display

Objective: Design a simple, low-cost yet visually interesting display suitable for shelf, window and counter-top locations, that creatively displays an MP3 player within UK retailers. The display must reflect the unique style of the product show the key features and display the product within a very small footprint.

Cranswick Pet Products Planogram POP Display

Type: Category Planograms point of purchase display

Objective: Develop category management planograms for use with potential and existing retail channel partners. The planograms needed to provide intuitive shelf navigation for the shopper, and simple label/code generation for the user.
Results: The planograms were successfully employed by Cranswick's trade-marketing and national account teams to upsell their range within Homebase and other major retailers.

Leapfrog 2010 Trade Catalogue

Type: Artwork creation

Objective: CDATA[Create artwork for Leapfrog's 2010 Trade Catalogue. Using supplied images the task required additional graphic design and the creative lay-up to provide the best possible 2D sales tool.

Results: The artwork was delivered ahead of schedule and went to print early.

Atomic Sports 2009 P.O.S Display

Type: Permanent POS displays

Objective: Design and manufacture a high quality, showcase display and supporting merchandise stand for major multiple retailers throughout the UK and Ireland

Results: The initial trial proved successful so that a rollout program commenced in 2009 in Ireland.

RAM Golf Qub3 Driver

Type: Brand & Product Design

Objective: Create a new brand identity and product embellishment for a new type of 'cube' driver to compete against products from larger, higher profile brands.

Results: The Qub3 quickly became RAM's best selling product to date. The club received extensive press coverage, being featured in several publications as the 'new star product'.

Atomic Sports Amios MPfree

Type: Brand & Packaging Design

Objective: Create, develop and design new brand and product identities, together with product embellishment and new packaging

Results: The approved design has been well received by major retailers and a store trial showed excellent interest and conversion

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