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ODU (UK) Ltd is a specialist custom connector manufacturer and develops problem-solving connectors and assemblies with particular expertise in small, circular and push-pull connectors.

Established in the 1940s by Otto Dunkel, we remain a privately-held company, headquartered in Muldorf, with a turnover of over €80m and custom connectors manufacturing facilities in Germany, Romania and China.

Connectors Circular Multipole

We develop and manufacture a wealth of connectors, including circular multipole varieties and provide our customers with expert consultation service in order to ensure they receive the correct connector for their requirement.

We offer not only technical advice but also 3D CAM designs, prototyping, tool manufacture, turning, stamping, refining, and injection as well as assembly automation and HR technology. Our range of cylindrical connectors feature metal push-pull connectors, innovative plastic connectors and cylindrical connectors tailored manufactured to fit your purpose.

Cable Connector Assembly Service

Every connection also needs its cable, and we understand the complexity of cable assembly. Here at ODU, our cable connector assembly service treats assembly with the same high level of care and high standard as our connectors.

Our cable connector assembly service compromises nothing and offers you a complete solution from one source, together with UL approval.

Push-Pull Connectors

We offer several varieties of cylindrical push-pull connectors, with versions in metal and plastic. In order to provide customers with a potential second-source, some of these push-pull connectors are both compatible and fully intermateable with connectors from Lemo™ and WW Fischer ™.

Medical Connectors

Selecting the right medical connectors is a key factor in ensuring everything functions flawlessly. Whilst smaller, lighter and cheaper are constant demands, the technical requirements for medical connectors are ever-tightening.

We are preferred suppliers to many medical device manufacturers, including Philips, Siemens, GE, and Berlin Heart. We also have ISO 13485 approval, and offer a wide range of connector and cord-set options, including low-cost disposables.

Military Connectors

The needs of the dismounted soldier are being met by us through the Advanced Military Connector (AMC). As long-term suppliers to Thales, Selex, Oerlikon, Saft, and General Dynamics, this new generation of miniature circular push-pull and snatch connectors is based on specific feedback from several Future Soldier trials, including FIST, FELIN, IdZ, and Land Warrior, as well as on existing programmes, such as UK Bowman, where over 100,000 military headset snatch connectors from us have been utilised, without a single reported failure.

In battlefield deployment, the soldier deserves a totally secure, utterly reliable and fit-for-purpose military connector system. This is exactly what we offer.

Instrumentation Connectors

Small, cylindrical, push-pull instrumentation connectors are extremely popular with instrumentation manufacturers needing to respond to demands for ever smaller devices, and we have many varieties to suit every possible application.

Additionally, we also manufacture rectangular DIN inserts and card-to-cable connectors to be incorporated into assemblies especially for the instrumentation market.

Industrial Connectors

We design and manufacture a huge variety of single contacts, including handling power, signal, coax, fibre-optic, pneumatic, and fluidic industrial connections.

These can be used singly, or mixed into a variety of housings in either round or rectangular, standard or custom varieties in order to match our customers exact industrial connector needs.

Custom Connectors

Do you need a connector not on the market yet? Then never fear our custom connectors can help. Our motto is: If it’s not out there yet, we’ll work with you to develop it.

The demand for custom connectors is growing because of the emergence of new applications and requirements. Our service provides you with the ideal solutions for new and specific applications rather than an approximately suitable standard.

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