OE Electrics Ltd


Since its foundation in 1986, Office Electrics has operated its business on a policy of “Service – Quality – Safety”. This has enabled the company to achieve a highly respected reputation in the soft wiring and cable management industry for providing cost effective and innovative ‘Solutions by Design’.

Operating as a family owned and managed business, Office Electrics continually strives to maintain the principle that ‘people matter’, because “…it is the people we work with: our customers; suppliers; and, of course, our staff - that make everything possible!”

The Sales and Technical teams boast some of the most experienced and respected individuals in the industry, keen to  listen to clients needs and propose the most cost effective and user-friendly solutions. Their success measured, not only by the continued repeat business resulting from their excellent working relationship with clients, but by the 3rd party referrals from clients confident enough in our capabilities to promote Office Electrics themselves

Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Office Electrics supports “Made in Britain” with in-house CAD design, plastic moulding, CNC machining, painting, assembly, 100% end-of-line testing and even web design.

By 2006 Office Electrics had an office in Dubai, serving the Middle East, and had acquired Elsafe Australia Pty Ltd, which together with partners in France, Benelux  and China established Office Electrics as a global solutions provider – gaining Exporter of the Year Award, Going Global 2009.

During the GFC, starting in 2008, Office Electrics continued a policy of investment into new technologies, products and equipment, leading to an explosion of revolutionary products launched since 2011, most notably with the unique USB TUF Charger in early 2013

During this period, and further supporting “Made In Britain”, Office Electrics commissioned a fully automatic socket assembly line (SAL), wholly designed and manufactured in the UK and costing over £500K, which can now manufacture over half a million sockets per year. Feel free to watch SAL on YouTube

Managing the whole manufacturing process in-house allows complete control of quality and service which, in turn, has the effect of building confidence with the client. No better is this confidence exhibited than when clients ask Office Electrics to help design and manufacture specific OEM products, not only in the commercial office industry but also airport seating, hospitality and education to name just a few

So, if you feel inspired to be different, and you would like to talk through your ideas, just give us a call and we will help you create exactly what you want

Finally, don’t let the name deter you – our solutions may well be in offices but they are also in call centres, cafes, hotels, hospitals, airport lounges, sports centres, shopping centres, service-counters, home offices, AV studios and many more - all over the world. No-one can give you better service and support wherever you are and whatever your need

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