Oil and Fuel Pumps


We are Oil and Fuel Pumps, the first thought for a broad range of industries when they need lubrication or fuelling equipment. Fuel Pumps - Oil and fuel a pump is the UK’s leading suppliers of electric fuel transfer pump, fuel hose and fuel dispenser. We provide the latest and most effective fuel equipment. Find the barrel pump and many supplying products like fuel storage, barrel pump, lubrication equipment, throughout the UK for next day dispatch. Adblue transfer pumps, accessories, filtration, nozzles, flow meters, oil extractor, hand pumps, lubrication system and more in the UK. Fuel transfer pump with the latest quality transfer pumps Kit, oil transfer pumps, diesel transfer pumps online for your easy work at beatable prices. We specialize in Piusi Pumps, flow meters, rotary hand pumps, Transfer Pump Diesel, Diesel Hand Pump, 12V Transfer Pump, 12V Fuel Transfer Pump, 12V Diesel Transfer Pump, Oil Transfer Pump, Grease Pump, Fuel Nozzle, Air Operated Pump, workshop equipment, inline diesel filters, hose reels, and automatic and manual nozzles. Each of our product ranges provide for three different purposes: diesel, oil, and water. Our workshop equipment range has been designed to meet the necessity of garages of all sizes and specialties. We provide manual grease dispensers, waste oil drainers, oil transfer pumps, funnels, drip pans, drum equipment, and kits for air-operated grease and oil pumps.

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