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Our oil spill kits use a combination of absorbents and degreasers. Combined with various machinery, these kits can be stored on ocean vessels to meet the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.

Features of our oil spill kits include:

  • Opec rp18 sorbent fabrics.
  • Recovering capability of 20,000 litres
  • Completely self-contained
  • Easy storage
  • Tailored to individual vessel needs
  • Provides an immediate response to pollution problems when the vessel is either in port or at sea

Industrial Oil Skimmers

If you are looking for the highest quality and reliability in industrial oil skimmers then look no further than OPEC's E-Series.

As an especially safe and efficient system, this industrial oil skimmer is suitable for the removal of surface oil contamination.

There is no better product than the E-Series model which is capable of removing up to 12 tonnes of floating chemicals and oil in only an hour. Other benefits include:

  • Fabricated in stainless steel
  • Immensely durable
  • Adaptable for many pollution problems
Industrial Oil Skimmers

Low Capacity Oil Skimmer

For the very best quality and durability in low capacity oil skimmers, OPEC offer you the HV range.

This range perfectly complements the E-Series system and can remove surface oil contamination in confined areas.

This low capacity oil skimmer is cost effective and can retrieve up to 600 litres of oil in an hour. Other beneficial features include:

  • Simple and quick to set up
  • Uses 4" OPEC mop as standard
  • Can be utilised for permanent and emergency clean-ups
Low Capacity Oil Skimmer

Heavy Oil Skimmer

If you require a heavy oil skimmer which is versatile and reliable then OPEC's Series-5000 can provide all solutions.

It is capable of retrieving the heaviest and most difficult oils and can recover up to 30 tonnes an hour. Its usage is versatile with applications including beaches and lagoons.

The Series-5000 heavy oil skimmer's versatility extends to its impressive mobility and functionality allowing it to be mounted aboard ships as well as onto trailers where it also boasts a turn table feature for easier handling.

Heavy Oil Skimmer

Inshore Emergency Oil Skimmer

OPEC have an impressive inshore emergency oil skimmer in the OM-Series.

A self recovery system, this OM-Series utilises polypropylene mops for marine use and can also be applied to docks, inshore clean-up requirements and harbours.

This inshore emergency oil skimmer is based on the highly successful E-Series products and has a range of beneficial features including:

  • Varying sizes to suit individual requirements
  • Can recover over 30 tonnes in an hour
  • High versatility due to the use of a hydraulic crane
  • Self contained for ease of use
Inshore Emergency Oil Skimmer

Offshore Emergency Oil Skimmer

For dealing with offshore oil slicks, OPEC's Force 7 offshore emergency oil skimmer is top of the range and can provide all solutions.

With economical and efficient methods of application via polypropylene mops, this offshore emergency oil skimmer is capable of recovering up to 70 tonnes of oil within an hour. The system can also include flexible tanks for the transport and storage of retrieved oil if necessary.

Offshore Emergency Oil Skimmer

Oil Pollution Containment

For efficient oil pollution recovery, containment is often the first step. OPEC offer a wide range of oil pollution containment products and solutions, as well as a range of oil storage tanks which are available in many specifications including stainless steel and mild steel which also come in varying sizes.

Oil pollution containment products include:

  • Flexitanks
  • Pillowtanks
  • Self erecting tanks
  • Temporary bunds
  • Temporary oil/water separator tanks
Oil Pollution Containment
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