OKW Enclosures Ltd


We are market leaders in the design and manufacture of plastic/metal enclosures.

We have a worldwide reputation for producing high quality, innovative and ergonomic housings. As well as plastic/metal enclosures, we also manufacture a huge range of tuning and control knobs in contemporary and traditional designs.

Our UK based METcase™ division also manufactures an extensive line of modern and versatile aluminium electronic enclosures.

Plastic Enclosures

We are market leaders and experts in the design and manufacture of high quality plastic enclosures. We have been perfecting this service for more than 40 years and supply a diverse variety of plastic enclosures to the OEM electronics industry.

Ranges include:

  • Handheld enclosures
  • Wall mount enclosures
  • Desktop enclosures
  • Instrument enclosures

Electronics Enclosures

Electronics enclosures are our speciality and you will not find a more comprehensive and impeccably manufactured selection than what we have to offer. As well as specifically designed electronics enclosures, we also supply multipurpose enclosures suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Further products include:

Wall Mount Enclosures

Our unbeatable selection of wall mount enclosures feature modern ergonomic designs to enhance the visual impact and tactile quality of your electronics. Our wall mount enclosures are designed for a wide range of applications including indoor and outdoor use. Moulded in ABS or polycarbonate, these tough and highly practical housings can be easily mounted to a wall, machine or any other flat surface.

Desktop Enclosure

Our comprehensive and versatile range of desktop enclosures feature ergonomically inclined top sections for comfortable operation of the controls and easy viewing of the displays.

These modern and highly tactile desktop enclosures are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit many different applications including test and measurement, data input, communications, medical and point-of-sale terminals.

Instrument Enclosures

Our eclectic variety of choices in instrument enclosures are all designed to house the latest desktop and portable electronics equipment. These instrument enclosures are available in a wide range of modern and ergonomic designs to make installation of the electronics very easy.

All models feature captured aluminium or ABS front panels for mounting the controls, displays and connections, plus mounting pillars in the top and base for the PCBs and assemblies.

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