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  1. CNC Machining Companies UK Material Grades

    CNC Machining Companies UK Material Grades

    Old Town Engineering is a precision CNC Machining company based in the UK that provide top quality precision machined components, parts, assemblies, complex shape components to a broad range of industry sectors in the UK and internationally. We have much experience in machining many various types of grade materials, some of which include: F51, 1.4462, S32760, A182, EN10083, F55, 1.4501, EN14, 150M19, 1.6582, 34CrNiMo6, EN16, 605M36, 1.722542CrMo4, EN16T, 709M40, 1.6747, 30NiCrMo16-6, EN19, 708M40, 1.6745, 40NiMoCr10 5, EN19T817M40, EN24, 826M40, EN24T, 835M30, EN26, 535A99, EN26W, EN30B, EN31, EN40B722M24, 1.7361, 32CrMo12, EN41B, 905M39, 1.8509, 41CrAiMo7, EN40, EN41, EN32, 080A15, 1.0401C15, EN34, 080M15, 1.5752, 14NiCr14, EN36, 665M17, EN39, 655M13, EN32B, EN36B, EN39B 4130, 4140, 4145, 4330, 4330V, EN8,10025 S275, SA 516 Grade 60, EN9, 10025 S275JR, SA 516 Grade 65EN3, 10025 S355 , SA 516 Grade 70, EN32, 10025 S355J2+N, A 285 Grade C, 080M40, 10207 SPH 265, 10207 SPH 265, 080A42, 10028 P265 GH, 070M55, 10028 P355 NL1, 080M46, P256GH, P355NL, 080M50, 4360 43A, 070M20, 360 50B, 080M15, 4360 50C, 080A15, 4360 50D, 1501 161 430A, 1501 161 430B, 1501 224 490B LT50, 1501 223 490B LT50, 1501 225 490B LT50,CAST IRON, BS 1452 Grade 250, BS1452 Grade 260. If you require a precision CNC machining company that have the capabilities and expertise to machine your components in many various grade materials, please visit our website for more information, at WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK. Alternatively, telephone us on: 01793-521-311.
  2. CNC Machining of Various Grades Company

    CNC Machining of Various Grades Company

    Old Town Engineering have a large CNC machining facility and the right expertise to offer companies in the UK and worldwide component machining in various material grades, which include, mild steel, bronze, brass, aluminium, duplex and exotic materials. Here are some of many various material grades which we are able to machine. Meehanite,ERTALON, NYLATRON, ERTACETAL, ERTALYTE, PC 1000, CESTILENE, CELAZOLE PBI, TORLON PAI,KETRON PEEK, TECHTRON HPV PPS, PEI 1000, PPSU 1000, PSU 1000, SYMALIT PVDF 1000, FLUOROSINT,PTFE, POLYTETRAFLUORETHYLENE, SEMITRON ESD, NON FERROUS, ALUMINUM, 6026 T9, 2011 T3,6082 T6, 6063A T6, COPPER, CW024A, C106, CW004A, C101, CW508L, CZ108, BRASS, CW614N,CZ121, CW721R, CW722R, CZ114, CW614N, BRONZE, CW307G, CA104, DEF-STAN 833, PHOSPHOR BRONZE,PB102. Please visit our website our website at WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK, For further information on our machining capabilities and material grades. Alternatively, telephone us direct on: 01793-521-311, we will be happy to hear from you.
  3. Complex Component Machining Company

    Complex Component Machining Company

    OTE are a complex component machining company based in Swindon, UK. Our specialist area is in the machining of complex shape or difficult to make components for a number of key sectors throughout the UK. Please visit our website at, WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK, for more information or a detail quotation on any complex component small to medium batch size run requirements. We have a modern CNC machining facillity where we are well equipped to machine your complex components, parts & assemblies in various material grades. If you require a company with much expertise and a proven track record in machining complex components to exact specifications, please telephone us today.
  4. Complex Machining Services UK

    Complex Machining Services UK

    OTE provide complex machinining services for companies who require top quality complex components & assemblies at competitive prices, UK wide. Please visit our website, at WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK, for more information on our complex machining services. Old Town Engineering have a large CNC machining facility based in Swindon, this is where we provide CNC turning, CNC milling, wire edm, grinding, inspection & finishing and assembly services throughout the UK. We have much experience in machining & manufacturing complex components in various standard & exotic material grades.
  5. S30 & EN Grade CNC Machining UK

    S30 & EN Grade CNC Machining UK

    Old Town Engineering provide cnc machining of various types of mateials grades throughout the UK, which include: S30300, 304S15, 304, 1.4306, X5CrNiMo 17-12-2, S30403, 303S21, 304L, 1.4307, X5CrNiMo 17-12-2S30100, 304S11, 303, 1.4310, X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2, S31600, EN58E, 301, 1.4401, X12CrNi 25-21S31603, EN58AM, 1.4404, X6CrNiTi 18-10, S31635, EN58M, 1.4539, EN58E, EN58B, 416S21, 440B1.4112, X12CrS13, S41000, 410S21, 440C, 1.4125, X12Cr13, S42000, 420S29, 420, 1.4057, X20Cr13, S43100420S37, 410, 1.4005, X30Cr13, S44003, 420S45, 416, 1.4006, X17CrNi16-2, S44004, 431S29, 4311.4021, X90CrMoV18, EN56AM, 1.4208, X105CrMo17, EN56A, EN56C, EN56D, EN57, A564 Grade 6301.4542, X5CrNiMoCuNb145PH. FV520B, 17/4PH Cond A, 1.4594, H1150+H1150, S31083, A182, EN10083. We are a large precision machining & engineering company based in Swindon, Uk, that provide a complete CNC machining service of complex components & assemblies to customer specifications in the UK and worldwide. Please visit our website at: WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK, for more information. Alternatively, telephone us direct on: 01793-521-311, for any enquiries of top quality precison components in various grade materials.
  6. Steel, Brass & Copper Precision Machining

    Steel, Brass & Copper Precision Machining

    Old Town Enginering provide CNC machining of complex and standard precision components in the UK in the following materials, steel, copper, brass, titanium, plastics, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, duplex metals, steel alloys and many other various grade materials & exotic materials. Please visit our website at: WWW.OLDTOWNENGINEERING.CO.UK, for more information on our precison machining capabilities in steel, copper, brass, plastics, titanium, mild steels, steel alloys, aluminium and duplex grade materials. Our specialist area is in the machining of very difficult to make precision components or complex components in various materials throughout the UK and worldwide. We also have a dedicated assembly and finishing area. Some of our services include, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Wire EDM, Chemical blacking of components, welding and fabrication and finishing processes. If you require a precision CNC machining company that can provide a complete solution for machining of steel, copper, brass, steel alloys, mild steels, duplex, aluminium and exotic materials, then please telephe us on: 01793-521-311
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