Oldham Engineering Installations Ltd


Welcome to Oldham Engineering Installations Limited

Oldham Engineering Installations Ltd provide a flexible approach for our clients offering the following services:

:: On site installation of Materials Handling Equipment & Process Plant
:: Mechanical Engineering trades labour hire
:: Complete fixed price contracts with full site management
:: Complete fixed price contracts with OEI site supervision but the clients site management
:: Labour hire under OEI site supervision but with client control
:: Labour hire with client supervision and control

Competitive pricing?
First class workmanship?
Ability to keep to installation schedules?
Someone to take the site worries off your shoulders?
Good on-site customer relations?
Total commitment to the project in hand?

OEI Ltd was formed in May1992 with the same management team and core staff from a company that started trading in 1979. During this time the company has been primarily involved in the Mechanical Installation of Materials Handling equipment in the following industries:-

:: Automotive
:: Baggage Handling
:: Parcel and Flyers Handling
:: Distribution
:: Automatic Order Storage & Retrieval Systems
:: Food
:: Pharmaceutical
:: Steel Manufacture
:: Concrete & Block Making
:: Quarrying
:: Swarf Handling and Coolant Filtration

 Why Oldham Engineering Installations Limited?

Competitive pricing?
Each project is priced competitively to enable OEI to provide a professional quality installation.

First class workmanship?
We pride ourselves in the team of qualified engineers we employ every project is treated with care and our workmanship is second to none and all workmanship is guaranteed.

Ability to keep to installation schedules?
OEI have the ability to work to close deadlines.

Someone to take the site worries off your shoulders?
OEI can manage the entire project from start to finish ensuring complete satisfaction in the installation.

Good on-site customer relations?
We aim to build good long term relationships with our clients with an emphasis on trust, reliability and professionalism on site. Realising that we interface with "Your Customer" and represent your company on site.

Total commitment to the project in hand?
We are totally committed to our work and your projects, please feel free to contact us for further information.

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