We provide quality manufactured tank gauges for accurate tank monitoring. They can be used to monitor for mobile tankers, process applications and storage tanks.

Digital tank control systems can be equipped with or without a data display. Tank gauges with a display is connected to a remote database by GPRS and a web browser is utilised to access data from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Tank Monitoring

We offer 24-hour, seven days a week tank monitoring across the UK and Ireland. Our service includes back-up monitoring for Esso Ireland Ltd, BP Oil Ltd, Prime Molasses, First Bus Group and Arriva Bus.

Our full, professional tank monitoring service is provided with automated email and SMS text forwarding, automated resupply and daily monitoring and monthly reports for usage, redelivery and group stock holding.

Tank Level Sensors

We manufactured a variety of tank level sensors including ultrasonic level sensors for non contact measurements and differential pressure sensors for level measurement in a sealed tank.

We also supply tank level sensors that feel pressure sensors for level measurement in a vented tank.

Differential Pressure Sensors

Our differential pressure sensors can be used to measure the flow rates using a pilot tube or orifice plate. They can also be used to measure pressure drop across filters.

Differential pressure sensors and gauges cover a range from 0-100 mbar to 0-30 bar at line pressure up to 680 bar.

Bulk Delivery and Batch Control

Our bulk delivery and batch control system can be supplied when you require monitoring for mobile tankers. Our systems include mobile tanker loading and delivery control and web based mobile tanker monitoring.

Out web-based bulk delivery and batch control logs all tank compartment fluctuations.

Remote I/O and Data Acquisition

We provide various remote I/O and data acquisition devices ideal for monitoring and controlling volts, temperature and process signals.

The remote I/O and data acquisition device communicates and logs using GPRS and Ethernet technology or RS485 communications. It can also communicate with Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols.

Flow Meters

We supply flow meters for the accurate measurement of liquid and gas flow rate.

Our flow meters include liquid turbine flow meters with a 10 to 300mm line size, and gas turbine flow meters with a 10 to 300mm line size.

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