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OliveJoyce produce accurate measured building surveys from our on SiteCAD systems anywhere in the UK or overseas, downloaded direct to your office. No problem, No fuss, On time.

Measured Building Surveys,
Energy Assessment Drawing,
Floor plans and elevations, Lease Plans / Land Registry,
Compliant Plans,
Drawing Validation Surveys,

Accurate cad drawings, checked on site before issue.
NO return visits due to missed data,
NO follow on guesses,
NO missed and poor documentation,
NO tape measures.

We provide as built plans CAD plans from site with varying levels of detail – from simple walls, columns, doors and window surveys, to a fully detailed data set including all 3d information (sill & head heights, stair riser and going details, door heights, ceiling heights, beam details etc.).

As part of our measured surveys, the surveyors can also pick up and highlight other information such as any electrical and data points, sanitary fittings, incoming mains positions, plant, fire fighting and detection equipment, security equipment and signage.

Property Management

We are a Building Design and Property Management Consultancy based in Shrewsbury. We offer integrated property consultancy usimh our years of combined experience and knowledge.

Building Design

Olivejoyce understands working to a budget. We know that architectural tastes are affected by the market as much as they are by fashion. The solution we go for is the one that fits your financial, as well as design, needs. We dont dictate the design, we work with you to come up with an acceptable solution.

Project Managment

Choosing the right project manager can mean the difference between the success or failure of your project.  An effective project manager combines a number of key skills to ensure your aspirations are delivered into reality.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineers make sure buildings are safe.  Their job is to make certain a structure stands up, doesn’t sink, collapse or warp, and withstands the pressures that it is subjected to, including weather.
They are also essential if you have any concerns about existing buildings.  If brickwork decays or you have leaking drains, cracked paintwork, or even a once friendly sapling gets out of hand, it’s a good idea to check stability with a structural engineer.

Condition Surveys

Olivejoyce utilises the methodology framework that is used to compile building condition surveys,  based upon current standards and using the latest technology.
The purpose of collecting condition information, through a process of property review and planned remedial work, is to improve the management of the building stock.  
Olivejoyce will undertake condition surveys to provide a systematic, uniform and objective basis for obtaining detailed information on the state of premises and maintenance work required.  The surveys will involve on site examination of the constituent parts or elements of all premises on that site and any other site associated with the premises.

Site Investigation

What a site investigation involves
Normally there are two phases of investigation.
Phase 1 – Also known as a Desk Study, involves gathering existing records such as maps, aerial photographs, published documents, and collecting information from interviews and contacts.
Phase 2 – Known as the Intrusive Phase, involves visiting the site and undertaking tests, such as boreholes, trial pits, ground penetration radar and laboratory analysis. Depending on the findings, a more detailed ground investigation may be needed, and possibly remediation work at the site.
Our reports are comprehensive, but we also pride ourselves on making them easy to read and understand.
Specialists in contamination issues
Being based in the midlands we have enhanced experience of urban issues, in particular, contamination of land and ground water.

Disability Access

Disability Access for Buildings
A disability access audit is your best way to ensure that you meet your duties under the Equality Act 2010 in regards to accessibility. By law you are required to make available to people with disabilities the same services that you provide to others.
A part of this will involve making your buildings accessible to all so that they can gain access your services. An obvious example is having wheelchair ramps but disability access can be extended further to include furnishings and even colour schemes inside that make access easier for all.

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