Olivo Cold Logistics


A wide range of portable insulated containers is manufactured by the market leaders, Olivo Cold Logistics. Carefully developed and refined over 50 years, the containers provide a safe and effective method of handling frozen or chilled products through an ambient distribution system – frozen products in chilled vehicles and vice versa, or even ambient products in frozen vehicles.

Insulated Roll cage

Products can be left at retail premises “out of hours”, safe in the knowledge that the temperature will be maintained over a long period. The OIivo system provides logistics companies with true multi-temperature capabilities.



Containers are available from 50 to 1400 litres capacity (chest and roll) and use either eutectic plate or cryogenic silent refrigeration systems.

Refrigerated System

Used by the world’s leading logistics, distribution and retail companies, Olivo containers are made from roto-moulded plastic with polyurethane foam insulation. They are fitted with solid “feet” or robust castors for ease of movement.

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