Omega Design Solutions UK Ltd


We offer a complete one stop solution for all your engineering or design needs. We have the facilities to produce either a finished product or a complete package from an idea through to a finished product.

We operate an industry standard 3D printer to allow visualisation of an idea without the traditional expense of a one off prototype. This route will save you as the customer a large amount of money compared with the one off method.

Once the design has been finalised and the part has been produced the next step can be taken. In the case of a mould or a plastic product we can pass this a close associate plastic company for the start of production. If it is a metal item then we can continue with the usual fabrication/machining routes.

We operate a Hurco machining centre, a Leadwell CNC controlled lathe and various other machines such as a Colchester Lathe, a milling machine, a cylindrical grinder and a EDM machine (spark erosion).

The Hurco and the Leadwell are ideally suited to low volume production, whilst the other machines are suited to smaller runs.

We have a welding bay to facilitate the fabrication of items, currently these range from tray mould for the plastics industry through to parts for the railway industry with a large range between.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001 accredited company so you can be assured of the quality of workmanship.

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