Omidi Import und Export e. K.


We welcome you on our page and appreciate the possibility to introduce our company to you as a reliable and responsible business partner.

The company OMIDI Import and Export e.K. is a specialist in the field called stock lots. Stock lot trade is not only limited to household goods, but is found in all kind of production fields. There are many reasons why stock lots occur. Our part in this business is to achieve the best possible price for your stock lots.

Omidi Import & Export basic business principle is based on trust. Trust into keeping what was agreed upon, and not only being concerned about one's own well-being, but considering and respecting all partners involved in the business. A handshake and a spoken promise are still meaningful to us.

Our products and services: purchase of valves and fittings; purchase of pumps; purchase of tools; emergency power generators; purchase of industrial goods; purchase of electric motors; purchasing of hydraulic items; buyers of pneumatic items; buyers of ball bearings; buyers of electrical goods

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