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We are a leading supplier of humidity transmitters

We sell humidity transmitters that have excellent chemical resistance and can withstand high temperatures and pressure. Our high quality humidity transmitters are available with EX certification, and are used in Industrial and HVAC applications.

Industrial Transmitters

We stock a comprehensive range of industrial transmitters that are designed to measure dew point, moisture in oil, temperature,  and air velocity.

For our full range of industrial transmitters please visit our website.

Gas Sensors

We have a wide range of Gas sensors  available.

The technologies include semi conductor, infrared sensors,  and electro chemical sensors. Toxic gases, environomental, and refrigerants.

For more information on our range of Gas Sensors please visit our website.

Environmental Controls

We offer a range of sensors for Environmental Control . They are designed to monitor  CO2, humidity, and temperature.

To see our full range of Environmental Controls please visit our website.

Wireless Data Loggers

Easy to use Wireless Data Loggers for RH, T, CO2, Light, Pressure, and Dewpoint

Wireless Data Loggers

Thermistor Probes

High quality PTC and NTC probes for  accuracy and repeatability.

Thermistor Probes

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