ONE-SAT (a division of Open Networks Engineering Ltd)


ONE-SAT has a European based facility for manufacturing satellite antennas which means that we can supply customers all over Europe, the Middle East, Africa as well as the rest of the world. Not only can we simply supply the satellite antennas we also offer installation services or provide a complete earth station design which includes matrix switching, fibre transmission and full RF capability. Our services also include the facility to upgrade and provide you with maintenance services.

Satellite Modems

ONE-SAT pride themselves in being able to provide satellite solutions for a competitive world. ONE-SAT began to manufacture satellite modems in 2002 so with many years of experience and product development we can supply you with the equipment you need. We have a low cost range of satellite modems called the OSM300 series. We have recently been able to enhance the features available to enable them to support higher data rates.

Satellite Demodulator Banks

We offer a range of satellite demodulator banks including the DBH-3000, DB-8R and DB-16S. These are available in a 1U chassis with different numbers of channels to suit your requirements which ensures that ONE-SAT remain the leaders in the multi-channel demodulator technology. We are always looking to develop our satellite demodulator banks to ensure that they are up to date with new features and technology.

Large Earth Station Solutions

ONE-SAT manufacture large earth station solutions with antenna systems from 5m to 20m diameter. We are able to supply large earth station solutions all over the world with the option of our installation services and earth station design. Upgrade and maintenance services are also available on all of our products. 

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