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Onthecase is a leading supplier of high quality notice boards and poster cases for commercial use.  With over 35 years’ experience of the sign industry, onthecase owner Jamie Wood has developed solispost, a completely new concept in illuminated street furniture.

Onthecase sales are through specifiers, architects, designers, sign companies and street furniture installers.  All onthecase products are designed for commercial or industrial use.

solispost street furniture

solispost is a developing range of solar powered street furniture.  Launched in early 2015, the solispost bollard can be used to illuminate walkways and cycle paths in almost any location, urban or rural.

Requiring no connection to a mains or generator electricity power supply, installation is easy with no trenching needed.  This means that locations where power is not available can now be lit, such as where access is restricted or not a viable option.

Of course, solispost technology makes a very econically attractive alternative to conventional illuminated bollards even when a mains supply is available.

solispost street furniture

solispost solar powered illuminated bollards

solispost solar powered illuminated bollards are a cost effective, green alternative to electrically powered LED bollards providing equivalent levels of illumination but with much lower installation costs and zero running costs.  They are contemporary in design and need no fixed electrical connections.  

Low level illumination is maintained continuously throughout the hours of darkness showing the route of the path into the distance.  Illumination is increased when sensors automatically detect an approaching pedestrian or cyclist providing an area of good lighting.  As the person or cyclist moves along the pathway, each solispost increases in illumination thus providing a well-lit route as well as security.

Key Features

  • Continuous solar powered illumination from dawn to dusk
  • Zero energy running costs
  • No electrical connections
  • Easy installation
  • Competitively priced
  • Green and eco-friendly

The innovative design of solispost ensures that energy can be generated even in northern latitudes and when the weather is overcast.  Long gloomy winters are not a problem. 

The design of solispost is contemporary and attractive and, made from extruded aluminium, solispost keeps its looks and is resistant to weathering. 

Secure, tamper proof fittings allow for the easy replacement or removal of solisposts if this is required.

With the increasing need to consider the green credentials of new building projects, solispost provides the perfect solution for night time illumination of pathways between buildings such as on university campuses as well as around hotels and leisure complexes and car parks.

solis[pst is designed and manufactured in Britain.

solispost solar powered illuminated bollards

vitrum poster cases

vitrum is a range of superbly engineered back illuminated poster cases.  With contemporary good looks, vitrum cases are available as monoliths or can be wall or post mounted.

Aluminium profiles and toughened glass covers with ceramic borders ensure resistance to weathering making them ideal for outdoor locations although they look equally good indoors as well. 

An advanced locking mechanism provides excellent security without compromising on the ease with which poster information can be changed as and when needed.

Illumination can be provided using either LEDs or fluorescent lighting.

LED back lit illumination is both effective and economical.  An excellent brightness is achieved with even lighting across the whole panel and with an energy consumption of just one third of traditional lighting.  With a guaranteed 50,000 hours of light without servicing, both running and maintenance costs are attractively low.

vitrum poster cases are available in both single and double sided options and in a range of standard sizes.  However, custom sizes and colours can be supplied if required.

vitrum poster cases

e-vitrum digital signage monitors

Digital signage is fast becoming a popular and effective way of delivering large amounts of information, especially frequently updated information, as well as eye catching advertising messages. 

Fed by either a pc or a media player, e-vitrum digital display monitors use high quality LCDs ensuring excellent picture clarity and colour reproduction.  Available in sizes from 46 to 55 inches, they can be sited individually or in multiple arrays and there are single and double sided options available.  They can be wall mounted or free standing.

e-vitrum monitors are designed to resist harsh weather conditions, they can operate in temperatures down to -33°C and up to +40°C, but look equally good in indoor locations.

Complete digital signage and advertising systems can be supplied including e-vitrum monitors and either a pc or media player feed; touch screen tech

e-vitrum digital signage monitors

Classic series 58 poster cases

This is our top selling poster case. These high quality aluminium cases take a single postersitting directly behind the glass and can be finished in any powder coated RAL colour as well as silver, dark bronze and stainless steel anodised.

The series 58 can be illuminated using back lit LEDs which provides bright, even lighting.  

Available fixings include wall mounted, post mounted or monolith, single of doubled sided.

In addition to standard sizes, the series 58 poster case can be made to bespoke sizes if required.


Classic series 58 poster cases
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