Open Technology


Open Technology has the expertise and capability to bring together Lighting Controls and Communication Technology to deliver building owners & operators maximum benefit in terms of energy savings, energy efficiency and functionality.

We offer energy saving lighting control solutions through the power and functionality of Ethernet in conjunction with technologies such as DALI & DSI.

Our LiGO lighting controls and lighting systems can be integrated with Building Management Systems and are designed to offer energy efficient building solutions.

Our proven expertise is in developing technologically sophisticated yet simple to use cost effective products and solutions across many buildings. We ensure that from both a project and maintenance perspective our systems are installed “right first time” to time and to budget.

Open Technology provides a fast expert service to assist architects, specifiers and building owners to put together a scheme to meet their project or building’s particular needs.

Control of lighting is proven to be a major contribution to energy saving and efficiency in buildings and will:

 Reduce electricity bills & the amount of energy used.
 Significantly contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.
 Create & maintain optimum comfort levels.
 Give you the potential to qualify for up front tax relief.
 Make maintenance easier.

LiGO Lighting Systems can be fit at new build or refurbishment stage with an easy retro fit option available. We offer FREE site surveys, proposals together with a Payback Analysis for each project.

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