Opti-cal Survey Equipment Ltd


As a fully accredited authorised distributor and service partner of Leica Geosystems we supply the latest survey and laser equipment in the market for purchase, hire and also offer a repair service. Our comprehensive range includes:

  • 3D Laser Scanners
  • Total Stations
  • Automatic, Precise and Digital Levels
  • Construction Lasers, Grade Lasers, Line & Dot Lasers
  • GNSS/GPS Surveying Equipment
  • Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Detection & Safety Equipment
  • Used Surveying Instruments

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3D Laser Scanning

We are an authorised reseller for FARO Technologies and offer the latest 3D laser scanning technology available for visualisation, modelling and planning in 3D. The FARO laser scanning range includes the Focus 3D X130, Focus 3D X330, and now the innovative handheld FARO Scanner Freestyle 3D.

FARO Focus3D X130 Laser Scanner

Light and small, the Faro Focus 3D X 130 is the most portable laser scanner on the market and ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Collect huge amounts of data with the capability to take millions of accurate point measurements in minutes.

FARO Focus3D X330 Laser Scanner

The FARO Focus 3D X 330 laser scanner is designed to scan large objects up to an extra-long distance of 330 meters. GPS and point cloud data allows you to combine multiple viewpoints to create a whole 3D dataset.

3D Laser Scanning

FARO Scanner Freestyle 3D

The new innovative handheld FARO Freestyle 3D laser scanner is now available from Opti-cal. Light weight carbon fibre body and real-time visualisation for fast accurate 3D data acquisition.

FARO Scene 3D Laser Scanning Software

The FARO Scene software is specifically designed for the FARO Focus3D to be used to process, manage and visualise 3D data collected by your Focus scanner.

Laser Scanning Accessories

We supply long lasting and robust Reference Sphere sets, a variety of aluminium tripods and more FARO accessories to accompany your Focus Laser Scanner.

FARO Scanner Freestyle 3D

Total Stations

We sell and hire the Leica Geosystems extensive range of Total Stations to suite all levels of users and varying project requirements. The three main product lines include:

  • FlexLine Total Stations
  • Viva Total Stations
  • Nova Total Stations

Also, see our fully customisable detail kits and traverse kits for your Leica Total Station. Our kits can include tripods, detail poles, height meters, reflector prisms, and more.

FlexLine Total Stations

Leica FlexLine Total Stations are one of the most popular Total Station ranges due to their user-friendly interface with high-resolution colour display and robust design to protect against water, dust and other environmental factors. We supply the:

  • FlexLine TS02
  • FlexLine TS06
  • FlexLine TS09

Viva Total Station

The Leica Viva series are the fastest imaging stations available. We supply the Viva TS11 manual total station with the best-in-class electronic distance measurements and imaging. The Viva TS12 and Viva TS15 are highly advanced one-man robotic total stations for optimal one-person surveying.

Nova Total Stations

The Leica Nova range is easy to use yet also ensures optimum quality and accuracy. Traditionally separate surveying methods such as monitoring and 3D scanning are now designed and integrated into the Leica Nova Total Station series across three Total Stations:

  • Nova MS50
  • Nova TM50
  • Nova TS50

Builder Total Stations

The Leica Builder Total Station is perfectly designed for all construction jobs. We supply a range of builders to satisfy your budgetary and diverse project needs. Whether your needs are just simple tasks or for all day usage, the Leica Builder is highly versatile and efficient.

Total Stations

GNSS GPS Systems

We supply the most advanced state of the art range of GPS and GNSS technology. Our Leica Viva GNSS series is designed to be fully compatible with the major satellite constellations: American ‘GPS’, Russian ‘GLONASS’, European ‘Galileo’, and Chinese ‘Compass’. Also see our SmartNet subscription packages.


The Leica Viva GNSS range provides a variety of GNSS solutions for multiple levels of users and diverse measuring task requirements. The top of the range Leica Viva GNSS equipment includes:

  • Leica Viva GS08plus
  • Leica Viva GS10
  • Leica Viva GS14
  • Leica Viva GS15
  • Leica Viva Uno

GNSS/GPS Accessories

Leica dockings stations, antenna rods, antennas with optional arms, brackets, clamps and more.

GNSS GPS Systems

Lasers Levels

Leica Geosystems have been leading the way in laser tracking technology for over 15 years and their instruments have been critical to the success of many projects in construction, utilities, interior fittings, and many more. Opti-cal offers the latest portable Leica construction lasers, grade lasers, line & dot lasers, and pipe lasers enabling you to deliver projects on time and to specification.

Also, see our latest laser surveying equipment accessories, including Leica Rod Eye receivers, brackets, remote controls, chargers, batteries, and more.

Construction Lasers

Our Leica Rugby Rotating Lasers are the toughest and most durable in the market. Alignment, level, and square laser measurement is now taken quickly and easily, decreasing your overall downtime and eliminating the possibility of costly mistakes. We stock the Leica Rugby 600 and the Leica Rugby 800 series to offer a range of construction lasers to suit your project needs.

Grade Lasers

Leica Rugby Grade Lasers are equipped with highly accurate and reliable rotating lasers for precise grade requirements. Whether its construction or machine control applications, Leica Grade Lasers can be used wherever single, dual, or level grades are needed.

Pipe Lasers

Opti-cal supply Leica pipe lasers to fit inside 100mm and 200m pipes. The Leica pipe lasers are the ideal tool for perfect alignment and anywhere that requires single beam for grade and line. Choose between the Leica Piper 100 Pipe Laser and the Leica Piper 200 Pipe Laser.

Line & Dot Lasers

Our Leica Linos can project lines and points with perfect alignment and millimetre accuracy. We supply of range of Leica Lino Line Lasers and Leica Lino Dot Lasers to cover a range of functions for alignment and levelling.

Lasers Levels

Survey Levels

Opti-cal supplies a variety of Leica automatic levels, digital levels and precision level instruments that are incredibly easy to use and require limited training.

Leica Geosystems levels are also very adaptable to be configured for your individual working preferences whilst ensuring absolute accuracy.

Automatic Levels

Leica automatic dumpy levels for surveying are built to be durable and robust for the harsh conditions of a building site. Our most popular models include the Leica NA720 Automatic Level and the Leica Runner 24x Automatic Level ideal for builders, engineers and surveyors.

Digital Levels

Digital levels and electronic levels minimise human error and will speed up the levelling process with the ability to take highly accurate measurements in just half the time. The on board application programs will also further enhance your surveying capabilities.

Precise Levels

All of the requirements of precise levelling are met across our range of automatic precise levelling instruments, including the Leica NA2 Leve and the Leica NAK2 Level.

Survey Levels

Detection & Safety

Opti-cal supply an extensive range of detection and safety equipment. We offer Cable Avoidance Tools, Precision Location equipment for pipes & cables, Cobra’s Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Confined Space & Rescue Kits, Gas Monitors & Detectors, and now the vCam-5 Inspection Camera System from Vivax Metrotech.

Cable Avoidance

Opti-cal sell and hire the fourth generation of Radiodetection cable avoidance tools, the CAT 4 and Genny 4 range so you can find potentially hazardous buried utilities faster than ever before. Also now available to Opti-cal, the new gCAT4 range from Radiodetection with added built-in GPS connectivity.

Detection & Safety

Distance Measuring

Opti-cal offers an extensive range of distance measuring solutions to cover all of your requirements. We work closely with our trusted suppliers so we can provide the highest quality of equipment in distance measuring. If your distance measuring needs are less complex, we also sell height meters, measuring tapes, measuring wheels, and more.

DISTO Laser Distancemeters

The Leica DISTO handheld laser meters are highly advanced for rapid and reliable site measurement, built to measure lengths, squares and volumes quickly and easily at the press of a button. We now also stock 4Site for Leica 3D DISTO for precise CAD measurements.

Also see our DISTO Accessories, for Leica laser glasses, tripods, pole adapters, target plates, and more.

Distance Measuring
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