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As a leading UK distributor of a wide variety of valves and actuators, we have a wide selection of knife gate valves, suitable for numerous requirements and applications. Our knife gate valves include unidirectional high performance valves and bidirectional high pressure valves.

Further options include:

  • Through conduit valves
  • Double gate valves
  • Slurry valves
  • Square port valves

Slide Valves

We specialise in the supply of slide valves. As well as the distribution of market leading slide valves, our services and product supply is extensive. Established in 2003 and based in Bognor Regis, we provide engineering and support services from our valve automation centre.

As well as our comprehensive Orbinox manufacture portfolio, we are also the leading distributor of El-O-Matic pneumatic and electric actuators. To support all products such as our slide valves, we offer a complete automation package product range.

Slide Valves

Special Engineered Valves

Further to our various options in slide valves and knife gate valves, we also supply special engineered valves. For special engineered valves we have the CW (SER.50) - single wedge knife gate valve offering the highest performance in terms of seal (both valve seat and to atmosphere) and of working pressures as well.

We also supply the WS - Fabricated Single Wedge suited for use with heavy or hazardous fluids and high working pressures, in the chemical or food industry.

Special Engineered Valves

Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

We are leading distributors of a vast array of pneumatic and electric actuators. Our division supply the El-O-Matic pneumatic and electric actuators.

El-O-Matic actuators are suited to quarter-turn and multi-turn valve requirements and they offer reliability, durability and performance.

Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

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