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We specialise in orbital welding equipment. We offer the full range of orbital welding equipment and accessories for sale and hire.

With our orbital welding equipment, we provide comprehensive service, support and training, delivered by the most experienced orbital welding equipment trainers in Europe. We serve directly experienced and inexperienced welding operators alike, whatever your application.

Orbital Welding Equipment Innovations

We provide professional orbital welding equipment innovations. Some innovations introduced to the market by Orbitec include:

  • Enclosed 'cassette' type OSK series weld heads, significantly reducing equipment costs
  • Weld heads compatible with all manufacturers power supplies/controllers
  • Orbitec controllers - simple to operate and programme, excellent quality welds within minutes, even for new/inexperienced operators
  • Orbitec - high quality/low cost partner for orbital welding equipment
  • Bespoke orbital welding products

We provide the best possible value without expensive repairs or poor quality service.

Custom Orbital Welding Products

Visit our website for our full range of orbital welding equipment and custom orbital welding products.

Orbitec's expertise in design and consultancy also provides a unique approach to the design of special weld heads and modifications to suit customer-specific applications.

Application Engineering for Orbital Welding Equipment

We provide application engineering for orbital welding equipment.

Do you require tooling to adapt a standard weld head to fit your application? If your application requires a completely new weld head, we can help.

IBW Weld Heads

Completing an inside weld can be achieved in a variety of ways using modified standard OD weld heads or dedicated internal bore welding (IBW) heads. Applications typically require torch assemblies that are tailored to suit the reach and diameter necessary to access the weld joint.   We have provided specialised equipment and application engineering for a number of IBW projects for the aerospace, power generation and nuclear industries.

Orbital Welding Equipment Controllers

We manufacture a selection of orbital welding equipment controllers. With our orbital welding equipment controllers, each model is designed to provide a unique solution depending on your budget and project requirements.

The most popular over recent years has been our ´Tigtronic Orbital´ controller, specifically designed to work with a range of welding inverters providing a flexible system that combines both orbital and manual TIG capability. This controller was the first on the market to provide operators with automatic parameter calculation.


Orbitec offer a selection of inverter based power supplies, used with all of our orbital welding controllers. Each model provides a practical option to suit your budget and project requirements providing a highly flexible combination of system options unique to Orbitec. All can be used for both Orbital TIG and manual TIG/MMA capability.

  • Tetrix 180 Inverter
  • Tetrix 301 Inverter
  • Tigtronic 160
  • Tigtronic 205
  • Tigtronic 205 Autorange
  • Manual Torches Accessories
  • Water Coolers and Chillers

Mobile Workstations

We provide a selection of mobile solutions for your orbital equipment. This includes a practical, portable ‘workstation’ to house a complete system together with full size gas bottle, weld head bracket, cable hooks and other complementary accessories.

All options combine to create a tidy, professional appearance particularly on-site where the additional protection offered to the main equipment is also beneficial.

Enclosed Weld Heads

Enclosed weld heads provide complete inert gas protection of the full weld bead circumference (an industry requirement for producing welded joints in electro-polished and hygienic applications).

Our range of OSK weld heads are unique in design. The cable and handle/motor assembly is separate from the weld head itself, so one handle assembly can run a variety of different sized weld heads. This concept provides significant cost savings on multiple weld head systems and unmatched flexibility using the same weld heads on different manufacturers´ power supplies.

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