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Ormiston Wire Ltd. was founded in 1793 in the City of London and began by making spring wire for corsets and wigs in the days before rubber. The company is now based in Isleworth, West London where we manufacture specialised wires, braids and strands in many different metals. These are used within industries as diverse as special effects in the film industry to high specification wire used in the nuclear industry. We stock an extensive range of wires from stainless steel yacht rigging to surgical suture wire smaller than a human hair. We are still an independent family firm.


Superclamps are an instantly adjustable high quality micro cable fitting system. By simply pressing the button on each clamp it can be moved up or down to a new position where it becomes instantly locked. No tools needed.

These fittings take cable between 1.20mm and 2.0mm 7 x 7 construction stainless steel. Strength depends on the fittings used but are capable of supporting not less than 30kgs. They are ideal for shelving, track lighting systems, pictures or product display, in fact, anything that needs attractive instant cable adjustment.

The cable is cut and threaded onto the Superclamp which is moved to the desired position. Fine adjustment could not be easier.


With the wide variety of ceiling fittings and clamp attachments, every possible situation can be covered. We also stock a wide range of micro cables and wire ropes in stainless steel suitable for all makes of cable systems. Ask for our separate price lists.


Specialist Wire for Sculptures

For several years, Ormiston Wire has supplied specialist wire for various sculptures and installations all over the UK. Below are a few examples where Ormiston's expertise in supplying the right kind of wire has been essential in the creation of these wire-based sculptures.

The 'Bleigiessen' sculpture by young British artist and designer Thomas Heatherwick was installed in the Wellcome Trust's building on Euston Road. It consists of 142,000 glass spheres, 840 kilometers of fine stainless steel wire kept taut by almost 27,000 springs.

Specialist Wire for Sculptures

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

We stock an extensive range of Stainless Steel Wire Rope. In 1 x 19, 7 x 7 and 7 x 19 constructions in AISI 316 grade stainless. Sizes 1.5 to 10 mm. We can plastic coat to order. Ferrules and thimbles are stocked

Fine stainless steel cables both plain and Nylon covered in variety of sizes and constructions. For use as control cables in electronic, medical, scientific, fishing and a whole range of other applications. In fact for any use where a low stretch, strong, small diameter flexible cable is required.


Suppliers of wide range of microcable fittings, wire rope fittings and manufactured assemblies suitable for a wide range of uses including lighting, banners, sign etc. We sell the wire and fittings separately for self-assembly if necessary.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope


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