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Our broad range of LEDs for signage lighting products cover the vast majority of applications where LED lighting is needed and includes specialised LED modules for flex faced and acrylic faced sign boxes, built-up letters, edge lighting for both single and double sided boxes as well as new flexible ribbon-like products suitable for a multitude of applications.

H-LED series

H-LED 333 is a chain LED lighting system for built-up channel letters, flat-cut letters and other sign lighting applications.

  •  Wide beam angle 160°
  •  Three SMD LEDs (Seoul Semi-Conductor)
  •  High brightness and efficiency (66 lumens, White)
  •  White, red, green & blue versions
  •  Low power consumption (0.66W)
  •  Fast installation and low maintenance
  •  Dust and water resistant (IP67)
  •  Safe, low power operation (12VDC)
  •  5 years warranty and greater than 50,000 hours to 70% light output

Manufactured using a state-of-the-art automated assembly process, H-LED 333 promises to bring a new level of economy to the discerning sign maker along with a fully featured specification you would expect from Oshino. 

H-LED 333 has high brightness and superb efficacy (100lms per Watt), a wide beam angle (160°), a range of colours (W,R,G,B) plus is weather resistant (IP67) and UL recognised.

Each module has a peel-off, self-adhesive backing and a single screw fixing point for fast and secure installation. One pack of H-LED 333 consists of 50 modules in a 7.5 metre long chain.

Sign applications including built-up letters and sign boxes as shallow as 40mm.


H-LED series

Super Orbis LED module Gen2

Super Orbis LED Gen2 is the second generation of our successful flexible chain LED lighting system designed specifically for back lighting large scale flex-face sign boxes. 

Brighter (up to 290lms), more efficient (up to 138lms/W) and now with a superior colour appearance Super Orbis LED Gen2 makes your colours come alive! And it’s even more economical to use than ever: Use from only four modules and 9 Watts per 1 sq. metre and only one driver for up to 31 sq. metres of sign.

Each module features a lens which distributes the light in a super wide ‘batwing’ shaped beam ideal for flex-faced and acrylic faced sign boxes. This reduces the number of modules and assembly time required to produce a uniformly lit appearance on the sign’s face. Available in a choice of three colour temperatures: 4000K, 5000K and 6500K. One pack consists of 100pcs Super Orbis LED Gen2 modules on one reel.


  • Super wide beam angle
  • One Nichia LED
  • High brightness (290 lumens @ 700mA, 6500K)
  • Low power consumption, high efficacy (2.10W typ.138lm/W)
  • Dust and water resistant (IP67)
  • Self-cooling, no need for heat-sink
  • Self-adhesive backing, screw fasten

Large scale sign boxes from 150 to 300mm deep

Meets the requirements of EN 62031 - LED module ‘in-built LED module’. Risk group EN 62471: exempt.

Super Orbis LED module Gen2

FlexiLED-BA white LED ribbon lighting

FlexiLED-BA is a flexible, ribbon like, LED lighting system specifically designed for built-up letters, poster boxes, sign boxes and other sign applications.

With a broad beam angle (115°), high bright-ness and low power consumption (392 lumens and 8 watts per metre in White) this is ideal for use within signs with constricted spaces or elaborately contoured shapes.

A flexible and clear silica gel encapsulates the ribbon and protects it from dust and moisture ingress (IP65) but is unsuitable for immersion or sub-mersion. Where cut lengths are used care should be taken to re-seal the ribbon’s cut edges using a suit-able epoxy resin sealant. The ribbon has a peel-off and self-adhesive backing for fast and easy fixing to most de-greased surfaces. A 2-core flying-lead cable is soldered and heat-shrunk onto one end.

One pack of FlexiLED-BA consists of 600pcs LEDs in a 5 metre long ribbon supplied on a plastic reel dispenser in an anti-static foil bag.

  • Beam angle 115o
  • 3528 SMD LED (120pcs per metre) and a 10mm wide pcb
  • Short cutting interval (25mm / 3pcs LEDs)
  • Dust and water resistant (IP65)
  • Clip-on 2-pole connectors are available
  • 3 years or 13,000 hours warranty*

Edge lighting, halo-lit effects, cove lighting, POS

FlexiLED-BA white LED ribbon lighting

Pinpoint LED 'push-throu' panel module

Pinpoint is a chain LED lighting system with a difference.  Instead of being hidden behind the sign like a conventional LED module, Pinpoint is specially intended to view directly.  Use to illuminate the perimeter of a letter or logo design or use en-masse to fill an area with points of light.


Pinpoint is available in two sizes: small 12mm dia (C112) and large 15mm dia (C115). Both have a lens which produces a wide 150o  viewing angle and is small enough to be used in this way but not so  small so as to lose its definition (like a simple 5mm LED would be)  when installed many metres away from the viewer.


Pinpoint is easy to install, bright, economical to use, suitable for indoor or outdoor and is supplied in a chain of 50 modules which can be cut into shorter lengths at any point. These modules are designed to be panel mounted and have a self-retaining, clip-in moulded body which pushes into the perforated panel from behind. 


  • Wide beam angle 150°
  • One SMD LED
  • High brightness and efficiency
  • Simple push-in, locking body
  • Dust and water resistant  (IP66)
  • Safe, low power operation (12V DC)
  • 3 years warranty or 13,000 hours operation whichever occurs first



Direct viewing LED array in perforated composite panel


Pinpoint LED 'push-throu' panel  module

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