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We specialise in bespoke packaging boxes. Attractive and functional, our presentation boxes are sure to give your business an impressive and memorable branding tool.

In the creation of our bespoke packaging boxes, we have a team of designers ready to meet your personal and custom expectations.

Presentation Boxes

Whether for an important meeting or in a retail environment, our presentation boxes are designed to leave an impression.

We have a strong design background to maximize the added value of quality packaging. Our design team has the experience and flare to bring your presentation box ideas to life. We are able to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients in all market sectors.

Case Bound Books

We provide packaging solutions for case bound books. For either presentation materials or collecting printed information, case bound books show individuality and style. At Ostle and Maillard, we can help.

Point of Sale Displays

For attracting new business and extra retail styles, we create unique point of sale displays. For one/off designs or on-going retail campaigns, our point of sale displays can be made to be both eye-catching and functional.

Please contact us for more information.

Plastics and Metal Binders

Plastics and metal binders show individuality and style. They also protect senstive items better than traditional paper binders.

Please visit our website to see the variety of plastic and metal binders we have designed for our clients.

Litho, Screen and Digital Services

We provide an extensive range of litho, screen and digital services.

As part of our litho, screen and digital services, we use the latest CAD systems both in the design studio and in a dedicated sample production area. Our aim is always to provide our clients with the best service and speedy delivery times.

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