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We provide an extensive range of water level sensors and measuring systems. Water level measurement equipment can be used for either ground or surface water. We supply the optimum equipment for your requirements and tasks and can find the correct water level measuring solution for you.

Our water level products include economic designs and products enabling flexible remote data transmission. We also supply the new Radar Sensor OTT RLS model to offer energy effective, non-contact water level measurement.


Our discharge measuring equipment provides accurate measurement of discharge and flow velocity. We supply a diverse range of instruments to aid continuous or spot measurements including acoustic sensors, ultrasonic measuring systems, mobile discharge measurement, and standard instruments for measurement in canals and rivers.

Models such as the Nautilus C 2000 are ideal for discharge measurement in very low flow velocities. The C2 small current meter is suited for measurement in laboratory settings or in small canals and outfall ditches.


This range of advanced and innovative products is for the qualification and quantification of precipitation. We provide the highest quality precipitation products including the Pluvio2. This new generation of gauge provides continuous monitoring of precipitation intensity and accumulation.

The Parsivel2 is a laser-optical disdrometer. It captures the particle size and velocity of precipitation in liquid or solid forms.

Water Quality

We supply multi-parameter probes for the collection of water quality parameters. They successfully combine sensor technology to collect water quality parameters can be used for ground and surface water.

The products include the Hydrolab Water Quality Sondes and the Hydrolab Quanta. They have been designed to offer cost efficient solutions to accurate monitoring and measurement.

Data Loggers

Our wide range of data loggers are essential for a successful measurement station and can perform a variety of tasks including storing and collecting data, transmitting data and monitor thresholds with active alarm functions.

Data loggers can transmit data by sending or polling data singularly by SMS/GPRS or by satellite and deliver it to a central data station. We offer a range of data loggers capable of handling large data volumes and suited for applications in the environmental technology, meteorology and hydrometry areas.

Operating and Reading Units

Our operating and reading units are designed to be used in a range of applications. We provide, by popular demand, a range of pocket PCs and units with all-weather suitability to enable one-hand operation.

The Pocket PC operating and reading units are portable, lightweight and simply to use. The Volta 2 model offers a rugged alternative to a notebook.

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