Ovation Systems Ltd


Specialising in the development, design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products. The company has grown over a period of 20 years to become a leading supplier of covert video surveillance equipment and video encryption systems to the police, law enforcement agencies, military and CCTV markets. 

Ovation Systems has gained an excellent reputation for supplying high performance equipment that performs reliably, even in the most demanding of environments. So much so, the company has recently received two highly prestigious Queen's Awards for Innovation and International Trade.

Time-Lapse DVD Recording

AfterBurner-2 time-lapse DVD digital video recorder with internal video quad, motion detection and Ethernet networking for evidential quality, long-term police surveillance operations.

Covert Video Recorders and Streamers

FlashBack-2, range of compact and rugged MPEG-2 digital video recorders and FlashBack-3 miniature H.264 covert digital recorders are ideal for the most demanding covert and mobile recording applications for the police and military. 

Video Link Expanders (multiplexer/demultiplexer) systems

Gemini range of advanced video multiplexer/demultiplexer systems expands the capacity of any analogue video surveillance link from 1 to up to 4 channels.

Image Stabilisation Systems

Real-time video stabilisation to remove camera shake from high-zoom cameras to leave a clear and steady video. Installing StableEyes increases the effective operational range of high-zoom surveillance cameras where the slightest mechanical movement can introduce picture shake.

Image Stabilisation Systems

Video Encryption

ViewLock II range of ultra covert video encryption systems for securing police and military surveillance links from interception. ViewLock II offers an excellent level of video security.

Picture in Picture units

A range of rugged and miniature, advanced video quad display systems for covert monitoring applications.

Flash Memory Card Archiving

Ovation Puma automated flash memory card archiving system, for backing up sensitive media card evidence to DVD disk. 

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