Overland Wireless Ltd


Leading providers of 100% Legally Compliant Wi-Fi Hotspots

These solutions allow our managed service partners (MSP's) to sell additional “sticky” carrier class wireless access management services to their existing and new customers as white labelled cloud based services along with complete real-time network monitoring and support.

Wi-Fi Hotspot and Remote Management Features

With Overland Wireless anyone can run a professional hotspot network for their commercial venue customers!


Fixed Line Broadband

Whether you are connecting an office, or a remote worker, we have a wide range of broadband services that can be tailored to your business, whilst our preconfigured modems and Wi-Fi Hotspot routers give you a true plug and play solution.

Fixed Line Broadband

Cellular Broadband Services

We also have the widest range of Cellular based broadband systems, and have had a huge amount of success with our 3G WiBE product that cn get a 3G signal where normal mobile phones and dongles normally can not.


Cellular broadband via the WiBE can be provided on a 3 day delivery service and comes complete with a 1GB

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