Overprint Packaging Ltd


Overprint have been manufacturing and supplying coding & marking machines since 1973. Our commitment to supplying reliable coding machines capable of producing high quality print at a competitive price, is still the backbone of our company policy.

Overprint is probably the only UK based coding and marking company to supply a full range of coding & marking machines from:

  • Basic Rubber Hand Stamps
  • Hand Coders
  • Roller Coders
  • Wet Ink Coders
  • Flexo Coders
  • Hot Ink Coders
  • Hot Foil Coders
  • Thermal Transfer Coders 
  • Ink Jet Coders - Large Character and Small Character.

The company also have a large stock of coding & marking consumables from

  • Rubber Type
  • Brass Type
  • Hot Ink Rolls
  • Hot Foil Ribbon
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Flexo Inks and Ink Jet Inks
All of the coding & marking consumables are 100% compatible with the original manufacturers, if not the same make. We supply coding consumables for all the leading marking and coding machine manufacturers.

A coding and marking machine is a very important element in the production process and Overprint has over 30 years experience in this industry.

Whether you need just a simple date coding machine or a complex bar coding machine, please give us a call to see if we can help.
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