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We supply a superb range of commercial catering equipment and have a variety of products available from stock. Our catering lamps include infrared, halogen, quartz, bare, and gantry models and are available with variable and pre-set dimmer switches.

Catering lamps with RFI suppression and high surge dimmers are also available. We offer a next day delivery service covering the whole of the UK, as well as export destinations.

We provide a friendly, efficient and reliable customer service and are committed to providing our clients with sound technical advice and support.

Elements and Accessories

Our elements and accessories range include Incoloy elements and heat proof cable 1.5mm and 2.5mm. We also have a range of simmerstats and ceramic terminal blocks available.

Elements and Accessories

Gas Interlock Systems

Gas interlock systems provide an emergency shut off valve to cut off gas flow in the event of failure in a kitchen extract fan. Gas interlock systems are now a mandatory requirement for the majority of commercial kitchens in accordance to BS6173. Our range includes the following features:  

  • G01N, G02, G02R, G04, G05 and G06 Interlock Models
  • Air Pressure Differential Switches
  • Fan Power Sensors
  • Emergency Cut Off Switches
  • Gas Solenoids
  • Gas Proving Systems
Gas Interlock Systems

Canopy Fittings

We have a comprehensive range of canopy fittings and accessories designed for the commercial kitchen. Our canopy lamps are easy to maintain and our stainless steel and aluminium baffle filters improve kitchen hygiene and reduce fire hazards. Our range of canopy fittings also consists of:

  • Surface and Recessed Mounted Canopy Lamps
  • Bulkhead Lamp Fixture
  • Stainless Steel Divider Bar and Cap Strip
  • Bright and Matt Baffle Filter
Canopy Fittings

Castors and Feet

Our castors and feet range comprise of castors with 50mm to 1252mm diameter wheels integrated with or without brakes. Our castors are designed with a range of different plates making compatibility and fixing easy.

Our adjustable equipment feet come in many materials and sizes and include:

  • Zamak, Aluminium and Plastic Adjustable Foot Inserts
  • Plastic End Caps
Castors and Feet

Catering Hardware

Our catering hardware is designed for use in commercial kitchen environments and includes a variety of accessories such as hinges, locks, door handles, knobs, and catches, as well as drawer slides, lockable drawers and paddle latches. Our full range of catering hardware consists of:

  • Stainless Steel Studs
  • Counter Flap Catches
  • Fold Down and Fixed Tray Slide Brackets
  • Aluminium Door Track and Sheaves
  • Scrap Rings, Chutes and Blocks
  • Dormont Gas Hoses
  • Heated and un-heated Plate Lowerators
  • Cup and Lid Dispensers
  • Architectural Hardware
Catering Hardware

Refrigeration Hardware

Our refrigeration hardware for commercial refrigeration environments includes Priolinox doors and drawers, refrigeration pilaster rail and clips and Edgemount hinges and latches. Our refrigeration hardware also includes:

  • Kason Latches, Hinges and Cam-rise hinges, Kason '778' Stainless Steel Latches and accessories
  • Intertechnica Latch and Hinge Range
  • Evaporator Trays
  • Compensation Valves
Refrigeration Hardware


We also provide a variety of accessories and hardware for coldrooms. These include:

  • Euro 2000 Cold Room Latch
  • Night and Day Latch
  • Lever-off handles
  • Edgemount Hinges
  • Hasp and Staple
  • Full range of Gasket, pre-formed or by length
  • Brush and Rubber Sweeper
  • Trapped Person Alarms

Plumbing Hardware

Our plumbing hardware is manufactured from many leading manufacturers such as Grohe, Gastrotechnix, Aquajet, and Delabie.

Plumbing hardware includes a wide range of taps, pre-rinse sprays, wash down hoses, pre-rinse showers, and sink bowls. We also offer a selection of spares and accessories. Our complete range comprises of:

  • Weld-In, Insert Sink and Pot Wash Bowls
  • Wash Hand Basins
  • Strainers, Stand Pipes and Wastes
  • Basin, Mixer, Sink and Infrared Taps
  • Twist Handle Waste Outlets
  • Bain Marie Drain
  • Hansa/KWC Taps
Plumbing Hardware

Gastronorms and Fabrication Supplies

Our gastronorms and fabrication supplies include:

Gastronorms and Fabrication Supplies
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