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Oxford Plastic Systems are the UK’s leading manufacturer of road cones and barriers for the Traffic and Construction Industries. The company also designs and manufactures custom-designed mouldings using a wide range of materials including polyethylene, PVC and glass fibre.

Enquiries are welcome and our products often provide significant advantages over traditional solutions since they can be moulded into a wide variety of shapes of up to 50kgs weight and 3m wide. The materials we use are available in different densities to allow moulding of either lightweight or quite heavy units.   The modern factory is located near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire, England allowing rapid dispatch to distribution centres around the world. We have a number of different machines on site to allow us to use the appropriate moulding technique for each project.

Road Cones


  • A quick, adaptable and cost-effective temporary barrier system
  • Designed to fit over most standard traffic cones
  • Tensacone® available in orange, yellow, green or blue
  • Contains 4.0 of high visibility retractable chevron webbing (red/white, blue/white, green/white) in each cassette
  • 4-way connectivity enables cones to be connected together
  • Robust, hard-wearing construction
  • Ideal applications include, construction sites, maintenance and engineering sites, highways agencies and use in warehouse environments
Road Cones

Road Barriers

Strongwall Barrier

  • Base self weighted 20kg (recycled material)
  • Base can be supplied in red, white and black
  • Top section can be supplied in White. Red as standard.
  • HD moulded top section can be water filled which will add a further 15kg
  • Designed for compact stacking to provide low transport costs
  • 10 top & bottom units per pallet
  • Chapter 8 compliant
  • Mira Wind Tunnel Test  17.07.2009 Strongwall; set up in a rectangle 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep. At 28mph is started to slide and compress together, at 41mph it collapsed.
  • Note that a line of strongwall went to 32mph unballasted and 41mph ballasted.
Road Barriers

Fence Feet

Eurobase Fence Feet

  • Versatile bases which have holes to accept 5 different sized posts
  • Different sizes are available on request
  • Moulded from tough, durable, rubber-type compound, these bases are easy to carry with a weight of 28kg
  • Dimensions are 785mm × 390mm × 120mm
  • They can be supplied in corporate colours, and with name and company logo also available
Fence Feet

Folding Barriers

Enfold Barrier

  • The Oxford Enfold Barrier is ideal for guarding spill areas and industrial working areas
  • Can also be used to protect any area requiring restriction of access, such as wet floors
  • Easy to assemble by one person
Folding Barriers

Kerb Ramps

The SafeKerb provides safe means for wheelchair and pushchair users to reach the next level when a footpath has been closed for street works.

  • Meets the ‘Wheel Chair Boarding Ramp Specification’, the ‘Safety at Streetworks, Code of Practice’ and the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’
  • Effective non-slip surface and raised sides
  • Adapts to varying kerb or step heights (75mm to 150mm)
  • Recommended maximum weight 250kg
  • Stacks for transport and storage
  • Made from HDPE
  • Standard colour Yellow
  • Can emboss with company logo
  • Can be recycled
Kerb Ramps

Pedestrian Walkways

Clear Safe Walk

  • Temporary pedestrian crossing
  • A product that shows you care about safety
  • Clear direction for pedestrians
  • High visibility, flexible moulded mats
  • Easy and fast to install
  • Recommended by construction company safety officers
  • Can also be used as a zebra crossing on a construction site or other place of work used by pedestrians
  • Clear Path can be fixed to the ground with bolts
  • Stock item
Pedestrian Walkways


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