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Oxley is a world class provider of advanced solutions for defence, aerospace, rail and telecommunications applications - meeting the needs of global customers.

Specialists in LED lighting, night vision solutions, EMC filters, interconnect components and data capture products. Oxley offers comprehensive design, manufacturing and test facilities for electronic and electro-optic systems and components within the company's UK manufacturing centre and through Oxley Inc in the US.

Innovation, quality and reliability are at the heart of the business to deliver products that enhance the capability of platforms and systems across the world.

Night Vision

We have developed a fantastic collection night vision solutions suitable for use in sea, land and air. We use extensive experience to meet the requirements of numerous customers worldwide. We have successfully completed many ongoing programs to demonstrate our excellent performance in this field. We supply night vision goggles and night vision lighting to enable users to work efficiently in the dark.


We are distributors of advanced LED lighting. We design, develop and manufacture an assortment of LED lighting products and systems for a wide range of aerospace, marine and land system lighting applications including:

  • Aircraft Lighting

  • Area Lighting

  • IR Security

  • Emergency Egress Lighting

  • LED Panel Lamps

For further information please contact our technical sales team on +44(0) 1229 582621

Data Caputure

Our unrivaled data capture solutions are designed to provide instant offline access to equipment records, service times and equipment whereabouts. Our series of data capture e-tags® and hand-held readers issue essential information on valuable assets.


We have supreme abilities in the design and development of innovative electronic and electro-optic components and systems. We design and manufacture our diverse components using our in-house facilities include optical coating, metal plating, precision machining, prototype shop, assembly and test facilities. We pride ourselves in providing rapid turnaround of standard and bespoke orders, prototype developments and modifications.

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LED Panel Indicators

Our unsurpassed LED panel indicators have been designed especially to meet the needs of the commercial market sector. Our collection of LED panel indicators and lamps are highly reliable with MTBF over 90,000 hrs and complete ‘fit for function’ practicality allowing a cost-efficient solution that combines optical performance with terminal and voltage options.

Optical Filters

We are leaders in the field of night vision lighting. We specialise in the design, manufacture and embodiment of optical filters for use with NVGs. For over 20 years, we have created an in-house capability including a state of the art coating plant. We provide an affordable source for all night vision filter requirements.

Please visit our website for more information http://www.oxleygroup.com/

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