P and B Metal Components Ltd

P&B was founded in 1961 by Mr. P.R. Bushell in London to manufacture electrical contact assemblies for the relay and switchgear industries. The aim of the company was to provide a better service than was being offered by other companies in this market.

In 1967 the company moved to a purpose-built factory at Whitstable, Kent to permit a period of growth both in terms of equipment as well as personnel. In 1971/72 the company needed to expand even more and therefore an 800 m2 extension was built onto the existing factory, and a new factory was purchased at Margate for the more labour-intensive manual work. In 1978 the Margate factory was re-located into a larger building, representing an increase in factory space of 200 percent.

In 1982 an additional new factory for the Whitstable site was completed, giving 2000 m2 more production/office space on this site. New, faster wire and tape welding machines were purchased and installed at this site, increasing our production capacity by 300 percent for welding. New High speed presses were also purchased, increasing our capacity in this area by 100 percent.

In 1990 discussions took place leading to the purchase of P&B's principal competitor in the UK. This acquisition not only increased P&B's capacity from the point of view of welding and stamping, but also gave us additional services and products such as sintered metals, rivet manufacture and high speed automatic riveting. This acquisition has made us into the biggest contact manufacturer in the UK.

In 1992 our product range was expanded further by the purchase of an Electron Beam Welding Plant, giving us the possibility of welding two or more dissimilar metals of different thicknesses together into one strip.

During the 1990s P&B invested continuously in new technology. Global interest in our capabilities has led to a large increase in export turnover.

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