P and P Technology Ltd


P&P Technology Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of EMI /RF screening and shielding products.

P&P Technology was formed in 1989 by a small group of engineers, each with many years’ experience in the design and production of EMI shielding components. 

Since then they have grown to become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of EMI & RFI shielding materials & products, and have developed a diverse portfolio of products & clients to ensure the correct solution to your EMC problems.

EMC Compliance

At their factory in Essex they manufacture a comprehensive range of shielded windows, vents & gaskets that are completely customised for your needs. With all of their products they guarantee EMI and EMC compliance.

They provide a fast efficient response to their customers’ shielding problems and offer a full service ranging from consultancy through to prototyping and full production. This full service ensures EMC compliance 2004/108/EC.

EMI / RFI Shielding

EMI / RFI shielding is required when it is necessary to block a high frequency interference field. This includes anything from and above 100kHz.

EMI / RFI shielding is typically made from copper, aluminium, galvanised steel, or conductive rubber, plastic or paints. These materials have high conductivity and little or no magnetic permeability allowing them to work at high frequencies.

Magnetic shields work by using their high permeability to attract magnetic fields and then diverting the energy through themselves. Magnetic Shielding can be used as broadband shields, shielding both RF and magnetic interference fields if constructed correctly.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is where electrical or electronic equipment or systems can function in the intended operating environment without causing performance degradation due to unintentional EMI.

P&P Technology can offer a wide range of products with electromagnetic compatibility.

Knitshield - Knitted Mesh

Our knitted mesh products provide excellent EMI shielding in enclosed areas. Available in six ranges for different applications.

Metweave - Woven Fabric Gasketing

Highly conductive fabric wrapped around a variety of foam cores. Our woven fabric gasketing materials are available in a wide range of colours and profiles.

Winshield - EMI Shielded Windows

Our EMI shielded windows are strong, effective and see-through. The strength of shielding, laminating and size are all completely specific to your order.

Ventshield - Attenuation Vents

Our range of attenuation vents are perfect for adding ventilation without compromising on shielding. Made to specification in materials ranging from aluminium honeycomb to galvanised heavy-duty steel.

Exshield - Conductive Silicone

Highly conductive silicone extrusions containing a wide variety of metal powder fillers. Provides high attenuation and excellent environmental sealing.

Conductive Finger Strips

Effective, non-flammable long-life conductive finger strips in a wide range of profiles and materials.  P & P Technology have recently updated their range of contact finger strip - for full details, drawings and a downloadable catalogue, please visit their website.

Conductive Foil Tapes

A cost effective solution to EMI shielding, our conductive foil tapes are available in aluminium or copper and in a variety of widths.  They also offer a bake and peel version.

Conductive Adhesives

One-part conductive particle filled room temperature curing (RTV) silicone rubber conductive adhesives.

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