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Transformer manufacturer PACE Components Ltd was founded in 1989 and manufactures bespoke electrical transformers and other wound components.

We manufacture mains transformers, high frequency transformers, inductors, magnetic components for use in switching power supplies, EMS suppression, common mode input filters and other applications using steel laminations, ferrite, iron powder and amorphous materials.

We offer cost effective standard ranges of  inductors on bobbin cores in sizes down to 8x6mm.

Our experienced staff are always happy to discuss your requirements and, where appropriate, suggest solutions or improvements to existing designs.

Customer care is a vital aspect of our business and we aim to provide helpful and informed technical advice throughout all stages of a project.

Please call us on (01280822733).

RM Transformers

We supply windings on the full range of RM assemblies. Depending upon core size we are able to offer an in-house gapping facility

E Core Transformers

E Cores
(Including EC Cores, EE Cores, EF Cores, EFD Cores, EP Cores, ETD Cores). We can supply windings on the majority of the E core range. Depending upon core size we are also able to offer an in-house gapping facility.

Toroidal Windings

Toroidal Windings
The toroids we supply can be hand wound, machine wound or hook wound, for the heavier wire gauges. We are able to supply single or multiple windings in either Common Mode or Differential Mode. Toroids can be mounted to customer requirements.

Bobbin Cores

Bobbin Cores
Standard range of general purpose inductors are available on varying sizes of bobbin cores from 56x35mm down to 6x8mm.

Typically 6x8mm to 12x15mm bobbins are also available with axial or radial leads.

We offer a range of general purpose inductors wound on ferrite bobbin cores in the size range 6x8mm up to 56x35mm. Typically 6x8mm to 12x15mm bobbins are available with axial or radial leads.

Laminated Transformers

Laminated Transformers
Imperial & Metric laminations.

Up to 500VA Frame Size.

Custom made to specification.

Various construction methods and finishes available.

Single and multi-spindle machines to cater for most volumes.

Design software for mains frequencies.

Laminated Transformers

Panel Assemblies

Panel Assemblies
Pace offer in-house assembly facility, such as point to point wiring, including supply of transformer where required, on small panels for industrial control units etc.

Contact us for a review of your requirements.

Vacuum Impregnation

Vacuum Impregnation
Vacuum & pressure impregnation facility for high voltage and solenoid coils and other applications as required. Coils can also be dipped in enveloping varnish to increase protection of impregnated components from high humidity

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