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Pacepacker Services Ltd are UK designers and manufacturers of automatic packing systems that work day in, day out, whatever the packing environment.

Products include pick & place solutions, sack placers, weighing machines, bagging systems, stitchers, heat sealers and robot palletising systems. We are a "Fanuc Strategic Partner", specialists in the supply of Fanuc robots and also have a selection of pre-owned robots as a more affordable option.

Be it bulk packing, or delicate consumer foodstuffs - Pacepacker Services Ltd have the solution. For our international clients, we have an expanding network of dedicated agencies to facilitate a high level of customer support and swift delivery of replacement parts to support our automatic packaging and robot palletising systems.

Blu Robot

Blu-Robots are high-quality 6-axis robots, complete with end-of-arm tooling, controls and pre-programmed. Where possible, we will utilise any existing guarding and other equipment to minimise your costs, we can of course supply these and any other ancillary equipment needed. Palletising speeds are around 10 bags per minute but can be increased using multi pick options. 

C Series Sackplacer

Suitable for small to medium size sacks & bags, packing speeds for the C-Series is 10 bags per minute. However speeds of  12 bags per minute are possible. This is an ideal product to use in conjunction with the Total Bag Control system.

T Series Sackplacer

Suitable for medium to large size sacks & bags, packing speeds for the T-Series is 10-12 bags per minute. However speeds of 14 bags per minute are possible. This is an ideal product to use in conjunction with the Total Bag Control system.

Total Bag Control System

The Total Bag Control (TBC) controls the bag from the clamp all the way through the stitcher/heatsealer hence the name TBC. It can be used for either stretch or to reform the gussets of the bag. Packing speeds depend on many factors such as weigher speed, filling time, conveyor speed etc. Typical speed for the TBC is 10 bags per minute, however speeds of 15 bags per minute are possible.

Pick and Place

Robotic pick & place systems are built with new Fanuc robot arms and can achieve a throughput in excess of 180 packs per minute, placing items into plastic or cardboard trays and containers.


A solid frame supports the ultra light and fast robotic 4 axis arm with tooling to suit many, many applications from picking up primary products to retail packs, boxes & trays. Suitable applications include pick and place of fruit, salads, burgers, fish portions, blocks of butter, confectionery and ready meals to name but a few.

Robot Palletising

Projects include individual grippers and attachments for Fanuc robots through to turnkey robot pick and place or robot palletising facilities. With multiple sizes and versions of new robots available from Fanuc, we are confident that we are able to offer you the solution you require. Robotic palletising speeds depend on many factors such as product stability and cell layout. Cycling speeds of up to 30 per minute are achievable, this can potentially be increased by picking up more than one item at a time.

Compact Robot Palletising

Compact robot palletising systems are based around either new or used Fanuc robots and configured in such a way that they can be installed in very tight spaces. Typical projects in the past include putting a complete system inside a container so that it not only comes in its own working environment, but also mobile to services multiple sites. Also supplied with it are the electrical generator and air compressor to produce all of the facilities required to make it completely independant.

Stitcher Feeder

The Stitcher Feeder can be bolted to the infeed of most stitchers to make them operate fully automatically. Guide boards fitted to the stitcher conveyor accurately position filled sacks approaching the feeder. The feeder arm enters the sack top and pulls it into a toothed feed belt, which shapes and feeds it to the stitcher. The Stitcher Feeder bolts directly onto some stitcher pedestals, others require adaption plates. Most rigid sacks are suitable providing the tops stand open and there is approximately 200mm of ullage(distance from the product in the bag to the top of the sack).

Sack Kickers and Turners

Robust construction and clever design enables Pacepacker Sack Turners and Bag Kickers to give smooth, fast and reliable operation on a wide variety of sack sizes and materials ready for palletising. They are designed to lay down an upright conveyed bag to a flat configuration ready for palletising.

Sack Flattener

The robust construction and compact design enables fast and reliable operation on a wide variety of sack sizes and materials. They are designed to compress a laid down bag to eliminate air and shape evenly ready for palletising. An alternative square roller flattener device is available for larger irregular products like potatoes.

Ticket Dispenser

As an addition, a Single or Double Ticket Dispenser can be supplied with a Stitcher to automatically apply one or two tickets. The Double Ticket Dispenser can be used to apply single tickets if required. As standard, dispensers are fitted with a tray for fanfold tickets, but a free running turntable for rolls of tickets can be fitted instead should this be required. Tickets should be made of stout paper or thin card and have an 8mm hole punched at the joint centre. Ticket rolls must not exceed 200mm diameter. Ticket height can range between 30-140mm, ticket width (pitch between perforated joints) can range between 75 - 150mm.

Pinch Bottom Sealer

The Pacepacker Pinch Bottom Heat Sealer is designed to fold and seal stepped end paper sacks. It achieves this by hot air jets reactivating pre-applied hot melt adhesive. The sack is fed into the feeder by hand or by Total Bag Control system and then automatically crease the top, heats it and folds it over and finally presses it to a tight seal.

Top Form Sack Feeder

An approaching sack operates the Topforms automatic cycle. Two blades enter the sack, the leading blade accurately positions the top of the sack and the trailing blade stretches the sack to the required width. The sack is then fed forward into the sealer or stitcher at the same speed as the conveyor. This action gives very precise presentation with minimal setting up time. The fast speed of the Topform is achieved by the blades moving with the sack then returning at high speed to pick up the next one, up to 15 Sacks per minute are possible. 


Pacepacker have a wide range of conveyors to suit most applications for transporting bags, boxes, products and pallets. Standard conveyors include:

  • Multi ply PVC belt conveyor.
  • Rubber belt conveyor.
  • Plastic slatted conveyor.
  • Stainless steel slatted conveyor.
  • Mild steel roller conveyor.
  • Stainless steel roller conveyor.
  • Roller conveyors are available in both driven and gravity construction and can either be friction drive via bands or chain driven.

As standard the range of conveyors have a moving surface speed of around 11m per minute, although we can accommodate clients particular requirements. For precise adjustment and speed matching we can also supply conveyors with inverter controls.

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