Packaging 4 Ltd

Packaging 4 is divided into 4 sections,

Pizza                                   Pizza Discs, Capping film,Pizza cappers

Conversion                        Film Conversion, Board Conversion, Backing Boards, Contract Packing

Bag/Pouch Making            3 Side Seal pouches, Fin seal bags, lap seal bags, Wedge Bags,printed & plain bags

Industry                              Printed Tapes, Packaging Tapes, Pallet wrap

We are an approved supplier to the UK's leading supermarket chains and food processors. At the heart of our success is a unique, no-nonsense, can-do approach, and a real commitment to achieve high standards and a first class service to all our customers.

Our flexible, one-to-one service allows us to respond quickly to your needs, and to work with you to find the most efficient and cost effective way to get your job done.
Our stringent hygiene standards cuts no corners and we have achieved and maintained the Global BRC-IOP Packaging Grade A standard since February 2003, giving peace of mind on product safety.


Backing Boards

Various Colours Available, Cut to Size
Available in 600GSM & 807GSM
Various sizes available, can be cut to size
Corner rounding available


Film Conversion
Cutter boxes

Board Conversion

Fold together boxes
Shelf ready boxes
Cake boxes


Bag Making

Gusseted Bags

Cheese Wedge Bags, Coffee/Tea Sleeves & Printed Bags
Back sealed, gusseted bags
Various materials
Widths from 65mm up to 300mm
Lengths from 75mm-500mm

Salmon Pouches, Bacon Pouches, Tea Pouches, Coffee Sachets
3 side seal. Lap seal, Eurohole
Various materials
Various lengths & widths available on request

Plain Bags

~~Other Bags
Back Sealed, Gusseted bags
Various materials
Widths from 65mm up to 400mm
Lengths from 75mm-500mm



Packaging 4 is also able to offer products to small end users from its industry range, which include pallet wrap, hand tape, and tape guns. Special packaging requirements such as custom made or bespoke printed tapes can also be offered suit your needs.


Corrugated Pizza Discs

White Kraft / Test B Flute - Available in: 7" 9" 10" 12" 14"

Solid Board Discs

White/White or White/Brown
Available in different grammages

I Side PE Coated - Available in: 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 12" 14"Pizza Film

Pizza Capping Film, 12 Micron Polyolefin

Superb shelf appeal is key to your pizza sales and by using our film you're guaranteed a high gloss, high clarity, anti fog finish, with excellent shrink properties to minimise product slippage.

Available sizes:
15x15" - 1250 sheets/roll
18x18" - 1000 sheets/roll
20x20" - 850 sheets/roll
22x22" - 800 sheets/roll
24x24" - 750 sheets/roll
27x27" - 588 sheets/roll

Pizza Capper or Pizza Capper Kit

We designed our cappers for the deli pizza counter so that a pizza can be tightly wrapped in just 10 seconds, ensuring no misting of film at the chilled counter - only high clarity and sparkle to encourage impulse purchases.
Our capper is economical and compact, saving you money and space
Capper Kit Includes film dispenser & safety fork

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