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Page Lacquer are Furniture manufacturers and specialist finishers. We specialise in the application of Polyester Lacquer. Polyester lacquer offers a high quality and highly sought after finish to commercial and residential projects, office and retail interiors, the super yacht sector and major wall paneling contracts. Our experts have teamed extreme durability with aesthetic beauty to bring your customers a very special Lacquer finish.
Page Lacquer Co Ltd are based in London and provide Lacquer finishes to high end Blue Chip companies throughout London and the U.K these include Harrods and Barclays.

Polyester Lacquer

Polyester lacquer is both decorative and extremely durable. With our own in house colour mixing facility we have created more than 5000 colours and effects. Suitable for both the Commercial and Domestic environment the quality of polyester lacquer and the expertise of Page Lacquer  is unrivalled.

We are constantly developing ideas for effects and have currently over 4500 different finishes in their range. Finishes include:

  • Polyester Lacquer
  • Pearlescents
  • Crackle
  • Pitted Metal
  • Pitted Marble
  • Ripple 
  • Combed Effects

All our finishes can be viewed on our website where you will find a comprehensive Gallery page.

Polyester Lacquer


Polyester lacquer is the ideal medium for the kitchen environment. Being both waterproof and solvent resistant it can take every day kitchen wear and tear.

The method of application by Page Lacquer ensures that the highest quality finish is achieved. Should any damage occur chips and surface scratches can be repaired in situ. This is only possible if the application is carried out to the highest specification.

Polyester Lacquer is suitable for almost every joinery material.


Technical Specifications for Polyester Lacquer

Moisture resistance: Waterproof
Chemical resistance: Unaffected by almost all cleaning products and household solvents
Heat resistant
Meets BS relevant sections

Colour matching available
Clear application for wood finishes
Special effects available
UV Stabilised


Technical Specifications for Polyester Lacquer

Maintenance of Polyester Lacquer

Gloss: Polyester lacquer is extremely heard wearing and durable. The finish requires little maintenance and should be cleaned with a wax free cleaner, Page Lacquer can recommend a medium suitable. Most blemishes are easily remedied.

Satin: Only  wax-free cleaners should be used on a satin finish.

Overall our Lacquered finishes are durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. For more information of the most suitable finish for your project visit our website or call Page Lacquer now on: 020 8871 1235

Maintenance of Polyester Lacquer

Our depth of knowledge and experience makes us unrivaled in our field.

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