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Pailton Engineering was founded in 1969 in the City of Coventry which is situated in the heart of the Industrial Midlands and today occupies a modern 80,000 sq. ft. factory employing in excess of 150 people. Substantial investment has resulted in a manufacturing facilities utilising the latest technology. With over 35 years of experience in the engineering industry, Pailton now supply to bus, truck and prestige car manufacturers around the world and have sales offices in the UK, USA and Germany.

The company philosophy is that investment in people is as important as investment in new technology. To this end, we run Technical and Craft Apprenticeships within the company. This is supported by our own CNC Programme Training School with the innovation of bringing specialist skills to be a part of the workforce that makes Pailton Engineering a leader within the Steering Industry.

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Sliding Shafts

Pailton design and manufacture sliding shaft assemblies to suit exact customer requirements on open and closed lengths and wear characteristics, subject to the installation type. The end connections can be supplied plain or serrated, serrations available include 1x54, 1x66, 1x79, 19.05x48 and 22.03x48. This huge range of options allows you to take advantage of our flexible assembly methods, thus ensuring that cost, quality and delivery are all world class.

Special sizes, shapes and serrations can also be manufactured to suit customer specifications. Parts can be supplied as fixed units or with a detachable universal joint to allow for low cost servicing. These components can either have a regrease facility or be sealed for life depending on what your application may be. For parts subjected to a harsh environment a gaiter arrangement can also be fitted, stopping the ingress of both dirt and water ensuring that vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum.

Universal Joints

Pailton Engineering manufacture two ranges of universal joint with journal sizes of 13mm and 10mm. The 13mm range has an operating angle of up to 50° and has the option of a regrease facility. The 10mm range has an operating angle of up to 35°. The end hole can be supplied plain or serrated, serrations available include 1x54, 1x66, 1x79, 19.05x48 and 22.23x48. Special sizes, shapes and serrations can also be manufactured to suit customer specifications. The 10mm range has a maximum end hole size of 23mm.

Steering Columns

Pailton Engineering design and manufacture steering columns to exact customer specification. Shown here is an example of an air-operated, bulkhead mounted item. It is adjustable for both tilt and telescope. This is just one from a large range of both Original Equipment and small volume columns that we currently produce.

Of course, Pailton Engineering prides itself on its ability to react to specific customer requirements and are able to engineer these columns for many automotive applications.


With a wide selection of both conventional and CNC machines, including vertical and horizontal machining centres, Pailton have the ability to mill a large  variety of shapes and sizes, providing flexibility for your requirements. The largest capacity available is 762mm x 406 x 508mm at a maximum weight of 1361kg. Our 5-axis machines allow the use of rotary tables for multi-side machining or machining complex contours and shapes, such as impellers, meaning that your complex jobs are no longer a major issue. With work and tool offset probing, setups become quicker for small batch runs and in-process capability become more reliable for larger production runs, giving you low costs coupled with high quality.


There are many variations of lathes within our facility, from simple 2-axis machines, to more complex 4-axis machines having both a B-axis and a C-axis. With live tooling fitted to some of these machines, milling, drilling, tapping and cam profiling can be performed with the interpolation of the Z-C, X-C and X-Z-C axes giving finished parts in a single cycle. Some of our machine software is specifically designed for Pailton to maintain extremely tight tolerances on spheres to within 5 microns. Our lathes have a maximum diameter of 65mm.


From a single pillar drill to a flexible manufacturing system, Pailton have all aspects of volume drilling covered providing you with the most effective methods and hence value for money. Our modern Mitsubishi vertical machining centres can be used for a variety of different machining, but were originally set up to run up to 36 cubes containing a maximum of 2,500 aluminium extrusions to drill over 14,000 holes on a “lights-out” basis. With work and tool offset probing these machines can hold tolerances at ±0.2mm and can run up to 45 hours without human intervention, thus ensuring that the quality produced on the last job is as good as the first, maintaining a 6¿ (six sigma) process throughout.


Utilising both vertical and horizontal broaches, we can broach a varying degree of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Currently we offer plain round, hexagonal and square broaching as well as both European and American standard automotive spline sizes. There are also several different sizes of keyway broaches on our shelf too, but working closely with our broach blade supplier, almost any variation is possible, meaning that we can support you for almost any requirement you may have.

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