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Pakawaste offers the largest range of waste handling equipment in the UK. Products range from:

Vertical Baler

Pakawaste manufactures vertical balers depending on the type of waste which needs to be recycled. The purpose of the vertical balers is to recycle material or waste disposal and guarantees a waste reduction of up to 90%. The vertical balers are user friendly, reliable and cost effective and can be adapted to meet individual needs.

Horizontal Balers

Pakawaste produces horizontal balers depending on the type of waste which needs to be recycled. The horizontal range is designed to bale materials such as cardboard or plastic and achieve a waste reduction of up to 80%. The horizontal balers are cost effective, user friendly, reliable, flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs.

Portable Compactors

Pakawaste produces portable compactors. This range achieves the compaction ratio of up to five to one depending on the waste materials to be crushed. They are all designed to be user friendly, reliable, cost effective and adaptable and the portable compactors can be tailor made to suit any waste handling requirement.

Static Compactors

Pakawaste produces static compactors. This range achieves the compaction ratio of up to five to one depending on the waste materials to be crushed. They are all designed to be user friendly, reliable, cost effective and adaptable and the static compactors can be tailor made to suit any waste handling requirement.


Pakawaste produces static, traversing and mobile Rotokrush compaction system which provides the customer with the flexibility to load up to 50 cubic yard containers with bulky material. This includes wood, pallets, packing cases, glass fibre and other industrial or difficult medium density waste materials. On average the Rotokrush compaction ratio achieved is 4:1

Static Rotokrush

The Static Rotokrush is fixed to a firm concrete base with single containers being placed in front of the machine for continuous compaction. The Static Rotokrush compacts into open containers which allows for fast, easy loading forklift trucks or loading shovel making this ideal for high thoughput sites.

Mobile Rotokrush

Unrestricted by tracks or power supplies, the Mobile Rotokrush is powered by a water-cooled diesel engine and is ideal for working on herringbone layout sites where 3 phase power is unavailable. The Mobile Rotokrush is simple to operate, the driver sits high up in his cab gaining a cler view both when manoeuvering and compactiong. Many operator option available.

Traversing Rotokrush

The Traversing Rotokrush can operate on track length of up to 60 metres compacting a wide range of materials as seen on a public civic amenity sites. Complete with operators cab and access steps. Operator options include light, heaters, coolers and window wipers. Above or below ground tracks are available along with various power feed options.

Transfer Stations

Pakawaste produces the Powerkrush 1000 & Powerkrush 2000 Waste Transfer Stations which are the largest size of compactors designed to combat high volumes of waste. These machines are extremely powerful compactors capable of transferring large amounts of waste material quickly and efficiently into the largest bulk containers.

Wheeled Bin Compactors

Our Bigfoot and Littlefoot range is a powerful wheeled bin compactor designed to increase the payload of wheeled containers, reducing the waste disposal costs and can minimise the number of wheeled containers required. Minimal floor space is required and is suitable indoors or outdoors and where low headroom is a concern.


Our Tipplers are primarily designed to lift and tip two or four wheeled trade waste containers, although such units can be specifically designed for use with other containers. These units can vary from a simple hydraulic tippler intended to discharge contents into a below ground conveyor hopper or to a unit designed to tip at a specific height to feed a larger container or hopper.

Industrial Shredders

Pakawaste can supply industrial shredding systems to meet individual waste requirements.

Office Shredders

Pakawaste Ltd are the Ideal Office System agent providing shredding solutions and systems for office applications. If you are concerned about confidential waste getting into the wrong hands, then Pakawaste’s Ideal Office shredders can solve the problem.


The Drumkrush which compacts steel or alluminium drums, and while during the compaction can also remove liquids.

Specialist Balers


The Extractpack is the first of its kind to combine baling and draining out of date beverage containers in one step. The Extractpack performs over 7 times faster than draining your containers manually. This machine can puncture and crush up to 2000 steel cans, or 4000 aluminium cans per bale.


Smartpack is ideal in low traffic locations, it can continue to accept waste for upto one week with out having to be emptied. This offers excellent payback benefits.


Briquetting press with integrated shredding unit for the compaction of dry EPS (Polystyrene) produces bales upto 700kk per cubic metre.


The Superlizzy is a waste compacting machine equipped with compacting screw system and continuous compaction. Single opening for waste introduction with automatic opening controlled by proximity sensors. Automatic separation of the solid waste from the liquid part.

The compacted solid waste is collected into a special bag while the liquid part is collected into a reservoir or discharged directly into sewers. The Superlizzy can easily be placed against the wall and the front side has to be accessible for the waste introduction.


To support our comprehensive range of balers, compactors and shredders, Pakawaste offer a full selection of quality galvanised wire & twine, plastic sack and accessories.

2 to 4 wheeled Bins

Pakawaste can also offer you a full range of 2 to 4 wheeled bins certiied according to EN840 and ready to be customised with optional extras. Replacement parts available for our full range of bins.

Minicipal Hire

Pakawaste Municipal Hire services the needs of both the public and private sector and offer a range of self drive municipal vehicles, varying from small electric vehicles to 32 tonne vehicles.

System Rental Ltd

System Rental part of the Pakawaste group offer Rental, HP and WRAP solutions for all your financial requirements. Leasing or renting waste management equipment from System Rental allows you to free up working capital for use in other area of your business.

Engineering Services Ltd

Pakawaste Engineering Services has a dedicated team of service engineers who are based at strategic locations throughout the UK, ensuring unrivalled after sales service, preventative maintenance and response support. Whatever type or brand of machine you have the team prides itself in offering a first class service, including a 24 hour national breakdown service for Pakawaste and third party equipment.


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