Pakprint Tapes Ltd


We are experienced and renowned distributors of  Siat Case Sealing Machines and have supplied these machines since 1981.

The range of carton sealing machines is extensive, easily integrated into existing packing lines and has a robust construction suitable for continual production.

Stretch Wrapper

We specialise in the supply Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machinery. With our stretch wrapper machines, work is carried out in a much quicker, cost efficient, reliable and safe manner.

Our Stretch Wrapping machines are always a good choice and for companies handling 10 or more pallets they make a great investment.

Strapping Machines

We specialise in the supply of Semi and Fully Automatic Strapping Machines. The Transpak Range offer the most cost-effective solution to strapping your products, equipped with Industry standard features and Innovative user friendly designs.

Case Formers

We have a wide variety of case formers available. These Case Erecting and Sealing Machines are available as semi or fully automatic and each has a number of exclusive benefits to ensure maximum safety and reliable productivity.

Friction Weld Strapping Tools

We have an extensive range of COLUMBIA friction weld Strapping Tools widely used for securing loads using polypropylene and polyester strapping. The Tools are built to the highest standard and feature proven quality European components including Bosch Motors and Samsung Li-Ion Batteries.

The GT-ONE is a lightweight battery operated tool that seals at the touch of a button.




Shrink Wrapping Machinery

We supply an unbeatable range of Shrink Wrapping machinery. These shrink wrapping machines are the perfect choice to package your product. We supply simple Chamber Type Shrink Wrappers and Semi and Automatic L Sealers and Shrink Tunnels.

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