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We have extensive experience selling all types of end line packaging equipment and are one of the leading suppliers of stretch wrapping and packing equipment. Our unrivalled service includes:

  • Installation
  • Training for end-users
  • Maintenance/servicing
  • Supply of consumables

The pallet wrappers are assembled in the UK by our experienced team of engineers. Every pallet wrapper is put through vigorous tests before it leaves for your facility. Take a look around our website to find out more about how we can help you.

Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers

For semi automatic pallet wrappers, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our pallet wrapper is widely used in the chemical industry, electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, papermaking, foodstuff and drink.

  • X400 Semi-auto Powered Pre-Stretch
  • X300 Semi-auto Pallet Wrapper
  • X200 Manual Pallet Wrapper

Fully Automated Wrapping Line

We provide a high speed rotary ring pallet wrapper, capable of wrapping up to 120 pallets per hour. The ring wrapper is one of the most robust pallet wrappers on the market, offering automatic film change, which means the operation can run without interruption.

Our rotary ring pallet wrapper is ideal for high volume producers especially the food and drink manufacturers. Options of top sheet dispenser and hold down platen are available with this machine. We offer pallet wrapping machines with rotating ring and four uprights that allow for stabilization and hermetical sealing of palletized loads, resulting in time, space and packaging film savings.

Orbital/Spiral Wrappers

Our spiral wrappers (orbital wrappers) come in two formats: The Neleo range of machines are the semi automatic wrappers and the Atis range are the automatic machines. Both ranges of spiral wrappers are ideal for wrapping extrusion shaped products. This makes them perfect for various industries including plastic extrusion, woodworking, door manufacturers, window manufacturers and stairs manufacturers.

Our spiral wrappers are very flexible and can be quickly adjusted to meet the need of any type of product. They can be adapted to different shapes, sizes, lengths and materials.

Pallet Inverters

For pallet inverters, we provide two top of the range models: 90 degree inverters and 180 degree inverters.

We specialise in electrically powered 90 degree tipper systems handling 200kgs to 15000kgs and build machines purely to order, according to the size and weight of your loads and your methods of handling. With 180 degree inverters there is a choice of conventional, ramp loaded or floor flush tables and a choice of 1700mm or 2000mm maximum jaw openings.

All inverter machines are painted with two coats of zinc primer and a two pack epoxy acrylic top coat as standard.

Shrink Wrappers

We provide shrink wrappers to suit every budget for the best presentation of your products. Semi-automatic models offer volume throughput and low cost manual systems to enable the low volume users to give their products a professional finish.

Replacement components are available for all systems.

Hot Melt Guns and Glue

Expertise gathered over 30 years enables us to offer a totally comprehensive range of applicators for 12mm diameter low melt and hot melt adhesives, suitable for almost any application.

Solid adhesive sticks that are non-toxic, and clean and easy to handle are heated in these lightweight hand-held applicators. They apply molten to one surface to create an instantly secure bond.

Carton Shredders

Protect the environment and save money with our carton shredders and dust reduction units.

Don’t spend money on compacting or dumping used cardboard. Our machines convert waste cardboard into flexible matting or 4mm wide cut strips, usable as void-fill or product protection.

Most machines are available with a dust reduction option and all are CE/EMC compliant.

Void Filling Systems

We provide market leading options in void filling systems. The PX1000 Pillopax desk top air cushion system offers all the benefits of the PX800 model, plus improved flexibility with the ability to produce four pillow sizes.

It can be used with 300mm wide film on request and offers a faster use machine speed of 16 metres per minute. Also, it is faster and quieter than the PX800.

Automatic Strapping Machines

For volume throughput, we provide top of the range automatic strapping machines. Our automatic strapping machines offer hands-free securing of parcels with automatically tensioned, sealed and cut polypropylene strapping in widths of 5mm or 12mm. Operation is either by foot pedal or parcel sensor making these machines ideal for volume throughput.

With our automatic strapping machines, alternative arch sizes are available for most carton sizes.

Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

We also provide inexpensive and labour saving semi-automatic wrapping machines for the efficient strapping of any sized parcel. These machines will allow one operator to automatically tension, seal and cut polypropylene strapping in widths 9mm or 12mm to give neat and secure fastening.

Adjustable strap tensioning to suit each package prevents strap damage to softer boxes. One reel of strapping is supplied free with each machine.

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