PANAI was born in 2013 in Elbasan, Albania. It is specialized and focused on the implementation of the Infrastructure for Energy and Hydrocarbon Industry, supports Public Works Sector with needed steel structures, participates in Hydropower Plants Errection through the fabrication of necessary components and builds Industrial & Civil Buildings using Steel. PANAI has supported and continues to support the above industries, based on its human and technological resources, which are identified by : Fabrication and Errection Services, Maintenance Services, Engineering, Consulting, Project Managment and Supervising Services. Today, we are proud to provide to our client "Turn-key Solutions"​, implement EPC Projects and participate as a General Contractor to Steel, Public Works. In order to increase the efficiency of the services we provide to our customers PANAI is diversified in three different Divisions: -Energy&Infrastructure. -Steel Structures & Constructions. -Steel Carpentry.


PANAI Carpentry is one of three divisions of PANAI, devoted to the implementation of metal carpentry products. PANAI Carpentry supports numerous industries and companies, as a supplier and third-party supplier. PANAI Carpentry is capable of: - Design - Procurement - Fabrication & Installation of metal carpentry products.

PANAI Overview