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Panorama Antennas Ltd

Our in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) facilities enable quick responses to customer requests for new product designs.

CAD is the key to efficient product and tooling designs for manufacture. Panorama's Drawing Office specialises in value-added engineering and rapid prototyping.

Basic layout and design is first drawn in 2D from the given design criteria. This is transformed into a 3D CAD model. The image is then rendered. As most of Panorama's products are black, the texture of the spark finish, rather than the colour, is the key characteristic of the rendering process.

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Customised Solutions - Design & Development

Standard Products
These antennas are standard stock items that do not require adjustment before being dispatched to the customer. The off-the-shelf nature these products is reflected in their prices.

Customized Products
Small adjustments to standard products, such as tuning to a specific frequency or a change of connector. These customizations carry a small extra cost.

Bespoke Engineering
For projects that have highly detailed or unusual specifications, Panorama and your company can work together to develop the most efficient solution to meet your needs.

Customised Solutions - Manufacturing

Using our in-house automated machinery and test equipment, Panorama can be develop antennas for customer approval before we begin full-scale manufacturing.

Low Volume Manufacturing
Panorama manufactures lower volume orders here in the UK, which enables us to have no minimum purchase quantity.

Off-Shore Manufacturing
For high volume products we manufacture in low cost, overseas economies to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money without compromising on quality.

Customised Solutions - Sales & Marketing

Local Dealers & Distributors
Panorama works with a wide range of local companies, who can offer support and advice on our products.

UK Office
Sales and marketing support is offered by the UK Head Office. Panorama customers can contact the UK office from anywhere in the world for technical and sales support.

Global Sales Office Network
Panorama's network of global sales offices enables our customers to trade in their home currency and talk to a representative in their time zone, meaning doing business with Panorama is as simple and cost effective as possible for our overseas customers.


Panorama Antennas is commited to the environment. The company has initiatives in place to reduce waste, lower energy comsumption and reduce freight usage.

Major areas of concern for Panorama are:

  • Computer Equipment 
  • Energy Comsumption
  • Recycling
  • RoHS Compliance

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  • Computer Equipment
  • Energy Consumption
  • Recycling
  • RoHS compliance  

Public Safety

Public Safety and Security is a major concern for governments across the world. It is important that they are provided with the best communications equipment available. Panorama works in partnership with many different companies to overcome the challenges of the TETRA UHF, TETRA 800MHz & P25 frequency roll-outs, creating better solutions to help governments protect their people.

The Antennas Best Suited To This Industry

Consumer Electronics

The use of mobile broadband globally is growing rapidly. With the ever growing speeds comes a demand for increased reliability of connection. Panorama's range of 3G antennas are specifically designed for the modern mobile user: Not only are the antennas highly portable but their efficiency is optimised to provide a more reliable connection, no matter where you are.

The Antennas Best Suited To This Industry

Fleet Management

Asset tracking and fleet management are essential tools for modern logistics companies. By allowing operators to know the locations of their vehicles, these systems can increase both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Creating antennas for this industry allows Panorama to overcome unique challenges, as any solution must be able to operate in both rural and urban environments while possessing high durability and an unusually long life span.

The Antennas Best Suited To This Industry

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