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We are specialists in the supply of an extensive variety of automotive tools and products. We have been supplying automotive tools across Europe for over a decade.

We import and distribute a vast selection of high quality hand tools and specialise in the manufacture and distribution of industry specific hand tools.


For over 12 years we have been supplying the very best quality professional hand tools such as wrenches to the European automotive industry.

We offer the complete range and as well as many options in wrenches. We also supply screwdrivers, sockets, ratchets and more specialised engine and suspension tools.


Vehicle Service Tools

Our extensive supply of professional tools for the automotive industry also includes a variety of vehicle service tools. Vehicle service tools included in our comprehensive supply include specialist engine tools and valve tools.

We also supply:

  • Oil and fuel service tools
  • Brake tools
  • Tyre tools
  • General service tools
Vehicle Service Tools

Maintenance Tools

We also stock and supply numerous options in general and engineering maintenance tools. These maintenance tools are applicable to a vast number of applications and include hammers, mallet, files and striking tools.

We also cover:

Maintenance Tools

Bodyshop Tools

Our unmatched service and vast array of stock products extends to a complete range of windscreen, glazing and bodyshop tools. No matter what your requirement may be, we are sure to have the equipment for your specific need.

Bodyshop tools and related equipment we stock includes:

Bodyshop Tools

Professional Hand Tools

Our supply of professional hand tools and products for the automotive sector is comprehensive. For the highest quality and most reliable and durable professional hand tools, we provide the complete service.

  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers, keys and bits
  • Socketry and ratchets
  • Pliers, grips, clamps, and straps
  • Workshop equipment storage
  • General engineering and maintenance tools
  • Vehicle service tools
  • Auto, electrical tools and lighting
  • Windscreen glazing and bodyshop tools
  • Knives, saws, scrapers and cutters
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Protective safety equipment

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Professional Hand Tools

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