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Paragon is totally committed to helping companies take cost out of their supply chain and assembly operations. We provide a range of kitting and electronics manufacturing services from assembly ready kits of electronic components through sub-assemblies to systems.

Since 1991 we have continually expanded our range of manufacturing services in order to meet customers ever-changing requirements. With our Total Component ManagementTM (TCM®) service already established as the UK’s leading electronic component kitting service available either stand-alone or as part of our flexible turnkey manufacturing service, plus a specialist test solutions division, Paragon has a unique approach and an unrivalled capability.

As part of the Paragon Electronics Group ( a £30m group of specialist electronics businesses employing over 300 people, Paragon is even better placed to provide an outstanding service and reduce its customers real cost of acquisition.

Electronic Component Kitting

Providing a unique approach to electronic component kitting has been the foundation of Paragon’s unrivalled reputation. Paragon TCM® (Total Component Management™) has taken the concepts of electronics supply chain management and kitting to a whole new level. Still continuing to evolve, it ensures that you receive complete, assembly ready, kits when and where they are needed.

Recognising that your needs will be different and varied, Paragon TCM® provides a tailored service package. Paragon can help with new product introductions and throughout a product's lifecycle by taking away the headaches of inventory and supply chain management and, thanks to the sophisticated systems developed over the past 15 years, deliver complete, assembly ready, error-free kits that are driven by your sales  not your forecasts!

Paragon TCM® benefits your business by

* Saving you time and money - reduced lead times, reduced cost of acquisition and reduced management involvement, frees up time for you to focus on more strategic issues.

* Increasing flexibility - through kanban, you can call-off shipments of complete assembly ready kits to match your production schedule, saving on storage and maximising efficiency.

* Improving quality - through our quality control system. Paragon checks, checks and checks again ensuring that the component kits are right every time. With AS9100 & ISO 9001 (2008) registrations and the resulting sophisticated processes to manage the supply chain issues such as counterfeit components and the requirement of the RoHS initiative (we were among the first UK companies to receive the RoHS Trusted Kitemark®), you can rely upon Paragon for total quality assurance.

Electronic Component Kitting

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Paragon's 'line side feed' remote warehousing solution means that material is located at our customers premises, line side, in an 'assembly-ready' or 'machine ready' format. The Paragon VMI system allows customers to report material usage on a product or BOM basis rather than on an individual component basis, vastly reducing the administrative burden on the shop floor and simplifying invoice processing. The best way to explain how this system operates is to review a 'live' system. The following is therefore an overview of a Paragon electronic component VMI solution that has been in operation since 2005.

The key benefits are:

  • Stock reduction - all stock belongs to Paragon
  • Stock availability - 'instant' access to required components
  • BoM based - significantly reducing complexity and cost of operating
  • Improved cash Flow - only paying for stock as it is used
  • One prime supplier for all electronic components
  • Reduced number of purchase transactions
  • Purchase ledger transactions reduced (single invoice per board)
  • Invoice queries eliminated
  • Production system unaffected, still have the same line side stock
  • Reduced handling - one consolidated incoming shipment per week
Vendor Managed Inventory

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