Paramount Panels (UK)

We are leaders in the design and manufacture of aircraft control panels, illuminated information panels and lighting components. We have a highly qualified and skilled workforce and an experienced management team to provide you with exceptional aircraft control panels and components.


Along with advanced manufacturing machines, processes and test equipment, you can be assured our aircraft control panels meet and exceed all standard and applicable specifications. 


Whether your need is a simple dial, knob or a complex integrated panel assembly, you can be assured we are more than equal to the task.

Illuminated Panels

We serve the aerospace industry in the manufacture of illuminated panels. We can manufacture your illuminated panels to adhere to the standards the military and commercial sectors demand.

Our business philosophy stresses quick, professional response to our customer needs, facilitated through a system of defined process controls assuring you your illuminated panels meet and exceed your requirements.

Illuminated Panels

NVG (NVIS) compatible Lighting

We offer a wide range of NVG (NVIS) compatible lighting products that provide state of the art techniques appropriate to new installations, but also cater for the diverse requirements associated with the conversion of existing equipment.


NVG (NVIS) compatible lighting options are available across our complete range of integrally-lit panels, keyboards and illuminated panels and most of the items within our lighting components portfolio, including our cockpit utility lamps.


In the event that an application cannot be satisfied from the standard range of products, however, comprehensive facilities are available for the design and manufacture of suitable purpose built devices.

All PPIUK NVG (NVIS) compatible lighting products are designed to fully comply with the major U.K. and U.S. Government specifications, including SAE AS7788, Mil-L-85762 and MIL-STD-3009.

NVG (NVIS) compatible Lighting

Custom Design

We are leaders in the custom design and manufacture of lighting products specifically for the application in the modern cockpit. For over 60 years, we have developed a great deal of expertise in the process.

Our team skills include custom design, cockpit integration and customer support for a complete turnkey operation. We can provide the expertise in the initial design, testing, manufacturing, and product qualification.


Custom Design


We offer a complete refurbishing process to give you a quick and cost-effective solution to your requirements. We have over 35 years of experience in refurbishing edgelite panels in commercial and corporate aircraft.

We can confidently provide the quality, capability and service you demand. Lives depend on reading instruments. It is important control panels be accurate and clear.

We have built a reputation on refurbishing control panels for the aerospace industry.


Control Knobs

Our selection of control knobs is one of the world's largest and many are designed to meet the latest applications. We can also supply a selection of control knobs, many of which may be lit by the transference (or transilluminated) of light from the panel itself.

Moulded in clear substrate and appropriately finished to match the panel, our control knobs allow constant handling with minimal wear. We also offer a range of control knobs for use on concentric dimmers and dials can be supplied according to specification, usually attached to the base of the knob.

Control Knobs


We manufacture a comprehensive range of lighting and airborne components. Many of our components are used by the defence and aerospace industries for many years and are associated with reliability and dependability.

With the advancements in lighting techniques, we strive to implement new technologies across the range. We can offer night vision compatibility across most lighting components.

Our product portfolio for this group includes:

  • dimming resistors and switches
  • instrument lamp holders
  • indicator lights
  • cockpit utility lights
  • flood lights
  • pillar lamps
  • bridges and illuminated switches

Rotary Switches

Our range of rotary switches controls switching circuits up to 45 Amps. Our rotary switches are based on the principle of a roller contact moving over a pair of fixed contacts, giving a self-cleaning wiping action.

Four contact pairs per cell offer many configurations. Contacts are moved by a common through shaft manually, whilst the switch is indexed through 45 or 90 degrees by a spring mechanism. The switch can be fully rotated or stopped to a position 1 to 8, and can be used for AC & DC circuits.

Our selection of rotary switches include types A15 and A30 only.

Rotary Switches

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