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Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin is a global provider of EMI shielding, thermal interface materials, plastics and optical products. Chomerics specialises in providing products and services to OEM and CEM electronics companies in the telecommunications, information technology, consumer, power conversion, medical, defence and transportation markets.

Since 1961, Chomerics has been a leader in the development of electrically conductive elastomers for use as extruded, moulded and form-in-place EMI gaskets for telecommunications and electronics applications worldwide

EMI Shielding

Parker Chomerics EMI shielding products family includes an extensive selection of EMI gaskets; shielded windows; shielded air ventilation panels; cable shielding products; grounding solutions; shielding laminates; tapes; conductive coatings, adhesives, sealants, grease and inks; conductive, injection molded plastics material; board level shielding coatings; and microwave absorber products

The EMI gasket offerings includes: conductive elastomers, wire mesh, oriented wires in elastomer, woven wire mesh, expanded metal foil, compressed mesh, fingerstock, conductive fabric over foam, and combination EMI/environmental gaskets.

Conductive elastomer EMI gaskets include molded, extruded, co-molded or co-extruded with nonconductive elastomer, form-in-place, overmolded, reinforced, connector gaskets, or waveguide gaskets.

Shielded windows can be either glass or plastic, with wire mesh or ITO coatings, and can have anti-glare, anti-reflection, hardness, and other design features.

Cable shielding products include: conductive heat shrinkable tubing and connector boots; wire mesh; connector gaskets; I/O panel gaskets; ferrites; cable grommets; and foil and conductive fabric tapes.

Conductive Gaskets

EMI Materials Introduction

- Availability

- Design Flexibility

- Cost Effectiveness

- Proven Performance

…just four of the reasons why conductive elastomer gaskets are so often the right EMI shielding solution! Once used mainly to shield critical defense and aero- space electronic systems, Parker Chomerics conductive elastomers have become the progressive choice for packaging designers of consumer, telecommunications, business, industrial equipment, automotive, medical devices and much more.

Conductive elastomers are reliable over the life of the equipment. The same gasket is both an EMI shield and an environmental seal. Elastomer gaskets resist compression set, accommodate low closure force, and help control airflow. They’re available in corrosion- resistant and flame-resistant grades. Their aesthetic advantages are obvious.

Almost any elastomer profile can be extruded or custom-molded with modest tooling costs and short lead times for either prototypes or large orders. Parker Chomerics can take a customer-supplied design and deliver finished parts, typically within just a few weeks. Parker Chomerics offers hundreds of standard molded and extruded products. Molded products provide moisture/pressure sealing and EMI/EMP shielding when compressed properly in seals, flanges, bulkheads, and other assemblies. Extrusions provide similar benefits and are also readily lathe-cut into washers, spliced, bonded, kiss-cut, or die-cut to reduce installation labor and to conserve material, resulting in a cost-effective alternative to other methods of EMI shielding and environmental sealing.

Thermal Interface Materials

Parker Chomerics offers an extensive family of thermal interface materials, which transfer heat from electronic components to heat sinks. Careful management of thermal interfaces is crucial to maintaining the reliability and extending the life of electronic devices and equipment. As each new electronic product generation requires higher power in smaller packages, the challenges associated with thermal management become more intense.

Thermal material drivers include:

• Lower thermal impedance

• Higher thermal conductivity

• Greater compliance and conformability

• High reliability

• Greater adhesion

• Ease of handling, application and use

• Long service life

Parker Chomerics has a successful history of providing thermal materials expertise and commitment to developing new, high performance products to meet the thermal challenges of systems designers.

Parker Chomerics products have been designed into thousands of applications and help assure the performance, integrity, survivability and maintainability of communications equipment, radar, aircraft, computers, control systems, telecommunications, consumer devices, automotive and industrial electronics. Our customers are supported with comprehensive applications engineering, supply chain and fabrication services worldwide.

Thermal Gels

THERM-A-GAP GELs are supplied as pre-cured, single component compounds that can be dispensed over the heat generating component.

These unique gel materials result in much lower mechanical stress on delicate components than even the softest gap-filling pads. They are ideal for filling variable gaps between multiple components and a common heat sink.

Thermal gels are silicone-based formulations that are loaded with conductive fillers and are crosslinked to form a low-modulus paste. They are highly conformable and provide low thermal impedance like greases but are designed to overcome the pump-out and dryout issues of grease.


Thermal Pads

THERM-A-GAP™ gap fillers are a family of low modulus (soft), thermally conductive silicone and non-silicone elastomers for applications where heat must be conducted over a large and variant gap between a semiconductor component and a heat dissipating surface.

Soft binder provides low modulus for conformability at low pressures
Low modulus allows materials to make up for large tolerance stack ups
Low pressure applications

Gap fillers are used to bridge large gaps between hot components and a cold surface. The gaps are not only large, but their tolerances can be ±20 % or greater. This means that the gap filler must have sufficient compliance to fill such spaces without stressing components beyond their safe limits. Non-silicone gap fillers are available for silicone sensitive applications.

Gap fillers are supplied in pad-form over a wide range of thickness, 0.25 to 5mm, and can be molded into complex shapes.

Shielded Windows

Parker Chomerics is a global leader in supplying display windows, integrated displays and EMI/RFI shielding components. Our windows products are available in glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic materials. Duralan II™ windows available in glass and plastic are an excellent product for displays that require mechanical chemical protection in demanding medical, industrial and general use applications. Win-Shield™ EMI/RFI windows are used where EMI shielding and high light transmission are desired. Our optical window line can be custom designed to provide a variety of solutions for your display needs. Parker Chomerics offers our window products as turn key assemblies with other Parker products such as adhesives, gaskets and other assembly components.

Parker Chomerics Duralan II™ unshielded windows are used to protect and enhance your custom display product. Our Duralan II™ product line offers surface finishes including Anti-Glare ,Hard Coated Finishes and Anti-Reflection Coatings. These surface finishes will increase the overall light transmission, reduces glare and reflection and provide a scratch resistant surface. In addition embedded custom screen printing can be integrated into the design. Privacy light control film can also be integrated into the design.

Parker Chomerics offers various EMI shielding options such as wire mesh, ITO films and coatings. Our next generation Win-Shield™ mesh provides our customers high EMI shielding options with enhanced light transmission. Our ITO product line offers increased light transmission and superior EMI shielding properties for all window solutions. EMI shielding can be fully integrated into touchscreens applications. Various buss bar configurations are available for termination to the chassis ground plane.

Our Integrated Display products are an excellent solution for integrated turn key display assemblies where high performance is desired.

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