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We manufacture and supply an extensive range of barrier systems for parking facilities including automatic barriers and systems, automatic bollards, automatic sliding gates, cantilever gates, gate automation, turnstiles, and cantilever gates.

We were founded in 2000 and are fast becoming the UK's leading barrier systems provider. We always aim to expand and improve our exceptional service and range of products.

Traffic Barriers

Our selection of traffic barriers provide a long term and reliable operation and integrate a 3 phase inverter driven motor. They combine a gearbox drive to provide a consistent and smooth working mechanism and are all controlled through a programmable logic controller.

Our automatic traffic barriers range from sizes starting at 4.0 metres up to 9.0 metres. They are have a powder coated finish and are available in red or yellow. A range of matching colours can be arranged if desired. Traffic barriers can have unlimited access control options and the choice of operation includes proximity cards, vehicle identification tags, tokens or coins, and remote control. 


Our comprehensive collection of turnstiles provides some excellent solutions for a variety of modern applications. They are manufactured in mild or stainless steel and are extremely durable and maintenance free. Models like the PF4000 combine the most advanced modern design with ease of use to provide optimum convenience and style.

Turnstiles consist of a range of features suited to a scope of requirements, including 90° or 120° rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights, and fire alarm activation.

They are also supplied with a vast amount of access control system options like card, push button intercom or keypad. These measures provide ultimate secure exit and entry for restricted areas.

Manual Barriers

Our manual barriers offer a low-cost solution to various parking, traffic management and road access requirements. Manual barriers are hard wearing and hard working. They can be locked in either the vertical or horizontal position and provide excellent security to any area.

They are manufactured in steel and employ a strong, lightweight aluminium pole arm counterbalanced by supporting weights. Models also offer efficient solutions for locations where a fully automated barrier entry system is not a necessity or cost effective.

Height Restrictors

Traffic systems deploying height restrictors include the PF5800 range. They are designed to encourage mono-directional traffic flow control and act to deter unauthorised access. 

Height restrictors are manufactured with a heavy duty steel plate and in-built counter balance. They also have integrated durable spring action to ensure they return to their upright position after a vehicle has passed through.

Speed Ramp

Our selection of speed ramps are designed from durable, recycled PVC segments and offer an efficient method of restricting vehicle speed. Speed ramps are designed for optimum flexibility and can be constructed to suit your needs.

They are available in two height levels: 50mm restrictor ideal for 15 to 20mph, and 75mm restrictor ideal for 5 to 10mph. Speed ramps can be laid in multiple lengths by interlocking each of the wide sections.

Flow Plates

Our ranges of flow plates are designed to encourage mono-directional traffic flow control and deter unauthorised access, for example when vehicles enter areas in the wrong direction or enter by an exit route.

Flow plates have an innovative counter balance built in to their steel plate design and heavy duty spring action.

Automatic Barriers

Our automatic barriers offer a reliable and effective operation combining a 3 phase driven motor and gearbox drive. Automatic barriers are controlled via the programmable logic controller and can be programmed to suit a range of applications and environments.

Our ranges of automatic barriers are CE approved and have a 100 percent duty cycle rate. They are suited for residential or commercial settings. For use in car parks, we provide a heavy duty version capable of lowering and raising a pole up to 9 metres long.

Auto Bollards

Our new selection of electro-mechanical auto bollards are supplied with a variety of options and is available at competitive prices. We provide our auto bollards with a quick delivery time, often available ex-stock and ready for next day delivery.

We also offer a complete installation and security service for auto bollards. Our superior quality provides you with durable equipment, enabled to combine with our other traffic systems and create an easy but secure ensemble of parking and vehicle facilities.

Rising Kerbs

Our automatic rising kerbs provide the ideal solution for deterring unwanted vehicles into manned and unmanned areas. They are durable and reliable and can offer the most productive preventive measure against even the most determined intruder.

Rising kerbs are available in a diversity of widths from 2.0 to 5.0 metres and three heights for differing security levels. These include 340mm height for cars and vans, 500mm height for high security, and 800mm height ultimate security against HGVs.

Automatic Sliding Gates

We manufacture automatic sliding gates compliant with BSEN 12435 and ideal for use where conventional swinging gates are not feasible.

Our automatic sliding gates are designed and tailored in-house to specific requirements and our strict product control ensure customer satisfaction and quality. Our bespoke service also manufacture automatic sliding gates to blend into existing surroundings and fencing.

Bi-Folding Gate

A current addition to our range of parking facilities is the PF9500 trackless bi-folding gate. These gates are suited for use in police, fire and ambulance stations due to their fast action opening times. These gates are also very popular at high security installations like power stations.

Bi-folding gates open at twice the speed of conventional swinging gates of the same size, and allow a fast flow of traffic through while still maintaining security.

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