Parotec Solutions Ltd


Employing the latest in design software, our Case Division and it's team of skilled people are dedicated to supplying cases, boxes, containers, soft bags, and numerous types of enclosures for the protection and presentation of our client's product; regardless of size. The Foam Engineering department is equipped to provide foam inlays for Tool Control system cabinets and for the components destined for Line Side production – typically in an Aerospace, or Auto plant

Our IT division provides briefcase sized cases for the working integration of laptops & portable printers, normally in a sales or service role, as well as other related accessories; this division also supplies the ParaDidact mobile IT room to schools and colleges - suitable for PC and Apple notebooks.

We deliver to clients throughout the UK & mainland Europe, Australia,  Middle and Far East and the USA.

Pathfinder-Fox is accredited to BS ISO 9001: 2000.

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